Is Philips a Chinese Company or an Indian Company? Which country is the origin of this brand?

Philips, a well-known electronics brand in India. Since its great usage in many countries, people get confused why most of the products of the brand have a tag of Made in China. Isn’t it confusing, as we all know that it is an International brand, still it is called a Chinese Brand? 

We have this question in our mind, Is Philips a Chinese Company? This is a common question that most of the population who are using Philips products have in their mind. 

Here in this article, we will answer your every question regarding the manufacturing of Philips products to clarify your doubt about the company. 

Philips being the number one brand in the field of electronics internationally has also taken a great place all over the globe in terms of renowned brands for electronic appliances. 

As we have mentioned it is an Indian company, then why do we get Made in India tag in some of its products like trimmer, air fryer, and more. 

Here is where the confusion starts, since many of us its products on daily basis, it is also important to know the real country origin of the brand. 

You will get the information about the company here in the below content. And we ensure we will solve your confusion about “ Is Philips a Chinese company or an Indian Company? 

Is Philips a Chinese Company? 

Philips is an international company, established in 1891, in the Netherlands. Philips headquarters are well situated in the most popular city of Netherlands, it is Amsterdam. 

The brand was started by Father and Son duo, Frederik Philips and Gerard Frederik. They are the founder of Philips. 

They started their business by making small electronic things, and gradually have gained a reputed place in the electronic field internationally due to their mass production of various electronic items. 

The brand gets its manufacturing from different countries, and has more than 100 manufacturing units all around, such as South Korea, China, India, Europe, and more. 

With more than hundreds of products in the market, the brand has gained popularity all over the world. 

When we talk about Philips in India, the brand has a subsidiary and manufacturing unit in India, known as Philips Indian Limited. Since there are many manufacturing plants in India, many people in the country tend to buy this brand’s products. 

The best thing about India is, it holds the maximum revenue market for Philips. 

Now we are clear about the idea, that Philips gets their manufacturing from different countries, and it clearly shows if they have their manufacturing in India, it does not mean it is an Indian company. Similarly, Is Philips a Chinese Company? We can not say that just only because the manufacturing is done in China. 

Although it is not a Chinese Company, it is a Netherland’s Company. 

Another confusion starts, when you see a notion of Made in China in some products, in the next point we will explain to you that. 

Best Selling Philips Products in the Market

Why Made in China is written in Philips Products? 

Till 2013, Philips had their manufacturing units in 26 countries with more than 111 facilities. They sell products all across the world. 

Out of which, three major manufacturing units are located in India, in Himachal Pradesh, Pune, and Chennai. 

Also, there is no manufacturing unit in the UK from 2020, however, they are planning to increase the manufacturing in their origin country, and nearby countries where the growth is high. 

By the above statement, we can say Philips gets their manufacturing from different countries and does not depend on a single country. 

Also, there would be the difference in the products in different countries, as there are many factors that affect the manufacturing like price, material, standards and more. 

Philips Indian Limited 

Philips has seen great growth in the Indian sector. Initially, the brand was only manufacturing infrared bulbs, medical components, and other bulbs for the Indian market. But gradually, they started manufacturing female grooming appliances. 

In 2020, the owner of Philips has decided to spend 300 crores on the production of their products in India 

Even the male grooming products of Philips have taken a big hit in the country. 

As per the rules and regulations of the Government, it is important to have a notion of the company where the manufacturing is done. Like if the product is manufactured and assembled in Germany, it is mandated to write Made in Germany. 

Same way, if any of the products are manufactured in China, it is important to have a notion of Made in China. 

When it is about Made in China tag on Philips products, they are majorly audio equipment. As the brand manufactures its 80% audio equipment in China. But it does not mean it is a Chinese Company. 

We must know the difference between Made in China and a Chinese Company. All Made in China products are not owned by any Chinese company, they are owned by different brands but are manufactured in China. 

Philips Products available in the market 

# Philips Headphones 

This is a new model of Philips Headphones, that offers great performance and quality with amazing sound. The headphones are durable and can be attached to any source. It comes with a 3m wire. 

# Philips Male Trimmer 

This is an all-in-one trimmer, that men can use to shave their head, beard, or body. It comes with different 23 pieces that take care of different trimming needs. It is equipped with a full metal motor, which offers great speed and tor. 

# Philips Women Shaver 

This great shaver is used to shave your legs, arms, and bikini area. It leaves your skin soft and smooth.  It features a chargeable battery for better convenience and accessibility. 

# Philips Electric Toothbrush 

This electronic toothbrush comes with Sonic technology, now you can protect your teeth and gums easily with this product. Its battery lasts long for 14 days continuously. 

The Final Verdict 

With the above information, we are sure that Philips is not a Chinese Company, neither it is an Indian company. The owner gets their manufacturing from different countries but does not give the ownership to other countries. Is Philips a Chinese Company? Simple No.