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Is Dell a Chinese Company? A well renowned Computer System Manufacturer

Dell is a renowned company which has been in the market for a long time, based in the US. It is a popular American brand that manufactures, repairs laptops, computer systems and other IT related products and services. The founder of Dell is Michael Dell who is an American, so it clearly shows it is an American Company. 

The headquarters of this popular IT company is in Texas, US. The company comes with the highest number of employees in the US due to its largest operations. 

From the day Dell was introduced in the market, it has become a first choice to buy laptops. The company offers a variety of laptops to choose from. It is a company that gave IT infrastructure a new way.

This is a completely USA based company, but have you ever wondered why the charger or pocket charger that comes along with the laptop, comes with a notion of “Made in China”. 

Is Dell a Chinese Company ? 

You must be wondering why? By looking at the notion, we usually get confused whether it is a Chinese brand or an American Brand. This happens not only with Dell but with many other laptop manufacturing companies. 

If the company claims it is entirely an American Company, then why do we get a “ Made in China” notion on the products associated with laptops? Not only a charger, but there is a sticker on the fan duct of all Dell Laptops, with the “ Made in China” notion, but why? 

This really creates a lot of confusion, isn’t? There are many people around the globe who think Dell is a Chinese company, but to be straightforward we will tell you No, Dell is not a Chinese company it is a US based company. 

Yes, we agree that pocket chargers with Dell Laptops comes with a tag of “Made in China”, but there are some certain reasons behind it. 

Although many of us don’t feel like buying products that are manufactured in China, due to many reasons like Chinese products don’t last long and yes, the products they use are not up to mark. Then why such big companies like Dell are using Chinese products in their laptops, this is a tricky question and yes, we all need an answer to it. 

However, many of us think the “Made in China” notion is bad although due to many reasons as stated above like poor quality and lower costs, but as far as laptops are concerned I would disagree. 

Why does Dell reach China for Manufacturing? 

Before we get into the argument whether Dell is a Chinese company or an American Company, you must know that not only Dell but several other companies tend to do business with other bigger countries like China to optimize their costs to efficiency work keeping in mind the demand and supply. 

This is not only a case with Dell company’s Laptop, if you look at mobile phones, you may get 70% phone parts and accessories are either made in China or other countries, the reason behind this is lower production cost, efficiency, and many other factors that play an important role while comparing to America’s Economical factors. 

When we talk about Dell, as we all know that is a popular IT structure company in America, they started getting manufacturing from China not due to cost related problems but they decided to outsource procurements from other countries like China and Japan, outside the US. 

By outsourcing their manufacturing to other countries like China, Dell is optimizing their sales and costs, and at the same time offering plenty of laptop models in the market. Every new model comes with new and unique features and advanced technology. 

Since we talk whether it is a Chinese company or not, we could clearly say because it only gets some parts of the product from other countries to optimize their costs, which is quite relatable in a business. 

In recent times, many renowned companies tend to adopt a hybrid model, where they purchase different components from various vendors all around the globe, not only from China. They also assemble their companies in other countries for a diversified approach that helps in lowering down the costs, with more employment in other countries. 

In contrast, we can also say Dell is a multinational company that manufactures and assembles their products all over the globe, but they are clearly known to be a US Based company. 

If you are still wondering why it is sometimes known to be Chinese company? Then you need to get this again, the company gets its parts and assembling of computer systems or laptops from China but not a complete Chinese Company. 

The company prefers taking China parts, as they are cheaper and more efficient than other countries. However all assembling and configuration part of laptops are done in China, not in the US. 

Being a popular and high tech company, cannot afford to lose their customers, so they get their best parts from China, as China has great skills and efficient labor than in the US. 

Since manufacturing all laptops in the US is not possible in true sense, due to costs and less labor. Although all highly specialized super Dell computers are manufactured in the US not in China. 

From the above article, it must have cleared that Dell is not a Chinese Company. Therefore, it is an US company who gets manufacturing and assembling of few parts from China. 

Best 6 Dell Laptops in India 

Before you head to get some Dell computer systems or Laptops, make sure you read the below list of Dell laptops present in the market. 

The list will help you to choose the best system as per your budget and requirement. 

?- Dell Vostro 3400 Anti Glare Laptop 

Now make your everyday work on the system easy with its latest intel processor. This laptop comes with great storage of up to 1 TB HDD. The sterling highlight of the laptop is its battery, you can fully charge your laptop within 1 hour and it comes with a brilliant FD panel that offers a vivid panel. If you are looking for a medium budget laptop with a great processor, then this Dell Vostro is an ideal option for you. 

?- Dell Inspiron 3505 FHD Laptop 

While looking for an affordable laptop for your daily work, nothing is better than this Dell Inspiron 3505 FHD laptop that comes with 1 TB HDD and 256 GB SSD storage, and windows 10 operating system. This is a stylish laptop that has sleek design and the Dell Cinema features great sound, video and image. 

?- Dell Inspiron 3501 15.6 inch 

With ample storage of 256 GB SSD, you can manage all your files seamlessly in this perfect Dell Laptop. The Dell cinema feature of this laptop gives you theatre experience, with incredible streaming and color. The beauty of this laptop is its 10th generation Intel processor, coupled with 4GB DDR4. 

?- Dell Inspiron 5593 15.6 inch 

It is among the best Windows 10 operating system laptops, that comes with an amazing battery life of 6 hours and ample storage of 8GB DDRD RAM with 512 GB SSD. This laptop has a 15.6 inches screen with 2019 Microsoft office. Another best part of this laptop is it comes with a 1 year warranty. 

?- Dell Vostro 3400 14 FHD Anti glare Laptop 

With the 11th generation Intel core, this Laptop is worth money. It offers ample storage of 8GB RAM and 512 GB M. It is an 14inch FHD Antiglare LED laptop that has a narrow border with WVA Display. You will find various ports in this laptop and SD Card reader. 

?- Dell Inspiron 5301 13.3 FHD Anti glare Laptop 

This laptop is equipped with 11th Generation Intel core processor, with great memory of 8 GB. It has 13.3 inch anti glare narrow border and Windows 10 operating system. This laptop comes with great battery life with 4 cell batteries. 

The Final Verdict 

Dell is an American Company, not a Chinese company. With the above information, you may have got all the information that clearly shows that this renowned IT System manufacturer is an American, not a Chinese. 

Also, you can choose any of the above stated laptops as per their operations and your requirements. 


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