Is Realme a Chinese Company ? Is Realme Made in India?

Is Realme a Chinese company? Most Realme lovers have this doubt in their minds. Although many people around say it is an Indian company, why this confusion arises when its headquarters is based in China. 

However, we all tend to believe whatever is written on the notion of the product, but it is high since we are using the brand’s product, we must know its original origin, isn’t it? 

Therefore, there is a lot of confusion on the way of “Is Real me a Chinese company”? To know the reality, in this write up we will cover the main highlights. 

With so many new companies coming into the market every day, it really becomes hard to choose the best one for you, isn’t it? Over the years, Realme- the reputed phone brand has been rocking in terms of technology and features they offer in their products. 

Although there are many smartphone companies that are running the phone industry, realme has revolutionized the phone world by offering the most affordable smartphones in the market. 

Since we know it is a Chinese company, but many of us still have a doubt whether Realme is Chinese company or an Indian company. 

RealMe- A reputed Smartphone Brand 

Realme is a renowned brand that offers affordable smartphones in India, which are usually below 20000/- Rs with amazing features and advanced technology. 

This company was introduced as a sub-brand of Oppo, it is not one of the oldest companies. Apparently, the company entered the market a few years back only. 

It was a Chinese smartphone company, with headquarters in Shenzhen. Realme founder is Sky Li, who is also a former president of Oppo. 

Indeed, it is now a completely Indian company as its manufacturing is completely done in India. The brand works under an enterprise, known as BBK Electronics and even Oppo and Vivo come under the same ownership. 

BBK Electronics is a Chinese Multinational electronics company, and all such brands like realme, Vivo, and oppo are subsidiaries of the company. 

The brand has its manufacturing unit in India, but most of the parts of the products are exported from China. 

So, did we get an answer, Is Realme a Chinese Company? No, read further. 

RealMe- Indian Brand 

When we talk about RealMe India, the first thing we must know the CEO Of RealMe is an Indian, Madhav Seth. 

The main center of Realme is India, every product of Realme is first launched in India, not in China. It is nonetheless a business country of the brand. 

Although, it is not entirely an Indian brand, but the CEO proudly says, RealMe is an Indian Startup Brand. 

However, all smartphones of Realme come with a tag of Made in India, consumers tend to get confused with the original origin of the company. 

Somehow, it becomes tough to decide is Realme a Chinese company or an Indian company? 

Is Realme a Chinese Company? 

While there is a lot of confusion going on in the market, regarding Is RealMe a Chinese Company? We tend to go into dilemma.

Well, as per research all Realme products are made in India, but not completely. All phones are manufactured in the Oppo Manufacturing units, located in Greater Noida, India. 

Since Oppo manufacturers get most of their parts from China, so certainly same is the case with Realme products. Most parts present in Realme phones are imported from China to India. 

So, we can clearly say Oppo and realme phones are manufactured in India. The Co-founder of the brand, says all 60% of the components are bought from India itself. 

And rest parts are available in India, like Chips and other technology are not present in India, So they are imported from China, due to lack of technology in India. 

Wisely, we can say realme phone’s parts are imported from China. 

But the question still remains the same, why do we have a” Made in India” tag on all realme phones, if it comprises of many China parts. 

At the end, we could clearly say, It is an Indian Company, not a Chinese Company.

Why “Made in India” is written on every Realme Phones? 

As per the Government, whatever product is manufactured in India will have a “ Made in India” tag, no matter whether the company is Chinese or Indian. 

Even if the assembling of the product is done in India, it is mandated to have a “Made in India” tag. 

In today’s time, many people want to see the origin of the brand before they purchase a product, here the tag will help. 

To conclude, we can proudly say Realme is an Indian company, not a Chinese brand. 

Top 5 Best Realme Phones 

# Realme 6 pro 

If you are looking for great features and an amazing phone camera, nothing is best than this Realme6 Pro. It comes with dual sim functioning, with great storage of 6GB and 128GB RAM. Due to its powerful and efficient processor, it is a perfect choice. Also, its has a 6″6 display. 

# Realme C11

With a dual camera of 13MP, 32 GB RAM, it is among the affordable smartphone available. It has an Android 10 operating system with a great battery span.

# Realme 6i

This Android phone has great storage of 64GB and 3GB RAM and an amazing 6.5 HD display. It is a dual sim smartphone, a budget-friendly phone with all advanced features. Realme 6i is perfect for picture lovers, it is equipped with a 48 MP rear camera and 16 MP front camera.

# Realme X2 Pro

It is a stylish and performance-oriented smartphone, equipped with 8GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. This phone has an AMOLED display, that is 6.5 FHD, and dual sound speakers. X2 Pro is an expensive phone.

# Realme C12

It features a 6000 MAH battery and super-saving mode. This model of Realme, is well equipped with a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera, also the main highlight of the phone is its 32 GB ROM and 3 GB RAM.

Wrap Up

With the above content, we hope your confusion of” Is Realme a Chinese Company”? is solved.  To conclude, we can say it is not a Chinese company as its manufacturing is done in India.

Also after the pandemic, the CEO of Realme is totally in favor of the “Boycott China Movement”. Additionally, with the above top 5 products of realme phones, you can choose the one that meets your budget and need.