Is Asus a Chinese Company? Know the real facts and Information about Asus

In recent times, we may have seen many Asus products in the market. But unfortunately, any one of us doesn’t know the origin of the country. Although many of us think it is an Indian Company and few of also think it is a Chinese Company. 

There is a lot of confusion going on in everyone’s mind, about the origin of Asus. 

Been a renowned company all over the world, it is important to know the real facts about it before we head to the online market to buy its products. 

Is Asus A Chinese Company? 

There are numerous Asus products in the market, like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more, have you ever wondered this great footprinted brand in India is not an Indian company. 

When we talk about Is Asus A Chinese Company? Then the first thing you must get is it is not a Chinese Company. 

The official name of Asus is AsusTek Computer Inc and it is a well-known Taiwanese Multi-Tech company. 

The company got established in 1989, by three partners who worked in Acer as Hardware Engineer. The three partners are Tzu Heisen, Ted Hsu, and M.T Liao, although the Chairman of the brand is Jonney Shih, he is also a CBO of Asus company. 

All around the world, Asus is the 6th Largest computer vendor and it is a public listed company. When we talk about that it is a PC vendor, it clearly says it manufactures various products like motherboard, projectors, RAM, and more. 

Just like other companies, Asus also gets their manufacturing from China and many other countries. But it does not mean it is a Chinese Company. 

As we know, China is the only country that has unique skills, machines, and many laborers, that is the reason why companies tend to get their manufacturing from China. 

Asus belongs to Taiwan only, not China or India. 

Should we buy Asus Products? 

When it is about Asus computer products, they come under the category of best in the market. So when you are buying a product, you must look at its assembling, design, quality, and more features, instead of looking at its origin. 

The main manufacturing of Asus is phone hardware and computer parts. 

All Asus laptops are well designed and come with unique features. They are specially constructed for business purposes and office work. Asus does not manufacture gaming-related PCs. 

Asus comes under 500 Fortune companies in the world. 

Manufacturing Asus Products

If you want to know where Asus products are manufactured, they have manufacturing plants in many countries, that includes China. 

Most Asus laptops are assembled and manufactured in China, Mexico, and Ostrava. 

Initially, the brand started its manufacturing in the US and China at the same time, but over time and as the corona pandemic is going on, the brand is shifting its manufacturing plant to South East Asia. 

This shift of production from China will benefit other countries’ production. 

Before you head to buy Asus products, check out its popular products. They are also explained in the below content. 

Top 3 Asus Laptops 

Asus VivoBook 15 

This laptop is great for office work, it comes with an intel processor and huge memory storage. It has a full HD LED 15 inches touchscreen. The laptop offers high-efficiency power so that one can work all day and night without any issues. 

Asus VivoBook 17.3

This new thin-bezel laptop provides a perfect screen-to-body ratio that improves your study and work efficiency. It has 12 GB RAM and the upgraded storage is 256 SSD. It offers Reyxen 3 processor. 

Asus L210

It has an Intel processor with 64 GB storage and 4 GB Ram. Windows 10 is used in the laptop 

The Final Verdict 

So with the above content, I hope your thinking about Is Asus a Chinese company is clarified. In short, we can say, it is a Taiwanese company, not a Chinese. They surely get their manufacturing from China, but it does not mean that the company belongs to the same country. 



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