Is Oppo a Chinese Company? Confused? Read here

Are you curious to know the origin country of Oppo? Because you may have heard Oppo is a Chinese Company, but it is a known fact that it is an Indian company. 

Since many people think it is ultimately an Indian company as it manufactures their products in Indian, but in this write up we will clarify every doubt that it is a Chinese company or not. 

Is Oppo a Chinese Company? 

Well, here we would tell you yes, Oppo is a Chinese company. It is an entirely Chinese smartphone brand. This brand was introduced in the market in 2001, firstly in China market. The CEO of Oppo is Tony Chen; he is also a founder of the brand. 

The parent company of Oppo is BBK electronics; not only oppo but many other brands like Vivo, Realme, and more come under the parent organization of BBK electronics. 

BBK Electronics is an organization based in China, so we can say that Oppo is a Chinese Company. 

Oppo is a brand that manufactures numerous electronic devices like smartphones, power banks, headphones, and speakers. 

Oppo was launched in the market in 2004, but along with China, they opened their manufacturing unit in India also. 

The Indian manufacturing unit of Oppo is located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The manufacturing capacity of Oppo products holds the highest in Indian plants, like more than 4 million. 

Oppo smartphones come at the 4th rank all over the world and in India also. 

Here we come to answer that Oppo is a Chinese Company, and it is not an Indian Company. It is a well-known Chinese smartphone brand. 

But again, the question comes that when it is a Chinese Company, why do we see a Made in India tag on the smartphones and other Oppo products? 

Why Made in India is written on Oppo Products? 

All oppo smartphones are made in India, but the entire manufacturing is not done in India. 

If the country is manufacturing it, it does not mean it is an Indian Company. 

Although they have a tag of Made in India, many parts of smartphones are not present in India. The brand exports the pieces from China, and China is the only country with all the necessary components of the smartphone. The parts are shipped from China and get assembled in India. 

Due to this procedure, the company gets the benefits of tax and can write Made in India in their products. 

Since the Boycott China products campaign is going on these days, many Chinese companies face losses. 

Therefore, when Oppo smartphones have Made in India tag, they give maximum revenue to the company, and it is among the excellent marketing strategy of the brand. 

Many Chinese companies prefer to apply the same strategy, like manufacturing smartphones in India and selling them with Made in India tag all over the world. 

If still, you wonder why Made in India is written on its products when it is a Chinese Brand. 

As per Government rules and regulations, where the manufacturing is done, the same country will tag on that particular product. In the same way, oppo smartphones are manufactured in India, so they have Made in India Tag. 

The same will be applied if any Indian company will assemble or manufacture their products in China, they will have Made in China tag on that particular product. 

In one sentence, we must say that Oppo is a Chinese Company. It is owned and run by a Chinese owner and comes under the organization of BBK Electronics, which is again a Chinese company. 

4 Oppo Popular Products in the market 

# Oppo Find X3 Pro 

This smartphone comes with dual primary cameras and has a tremendous futuristic curved design. It has a remarkable memory of 12GB Ram and 256 GB Rom. It also supports fingerprint and face lock security options. 

Oppo R17 

If you are looking for a premium smartphone, then nothing is better than this Oppo R17. It comes with good memory storage of 128 GB and 8 GB RAM and also has an 8.1 operating system. With a 25-megapixel front camera and a 16-megapixel rear camera, it offers great pictures and videos. 

# Oppo Reno4 

It is a dual sim smartphone with a 6.5-inch display and massive memory of 128GB Rom and 8GB Ram. This smartphone comes with great features like a 16-megapixel dual front camera, ultra-slim design, fingerprint safety option, and more. 

# Oppo Headphones 

These headphones come in elegant design and offer excellent sound quality. It offers a comfortable fit and high sensitivity to your ears. 

The Final Verdict 

Since we are stuck between Is Oppo a Chinese Company or not? The above content will tell you a straight answer, yes, it is a Chinese Company. Although they have manufacturing plants in India, the origin is China only.