Is JBL A Chinese Company? Know the Fact about this Renowned Audio Equipment Brand.

JBL being a renowned brand usually confuses customers about its original origin. Although many of us are really doubtful about the origin of the company. People all around the world, usually have a common question, Is JBL a Chinese Company? 

However, the confusion arises because the headphones and few other products of JBL have a notion of “ Made in China” but as per the manufacturer, they deny the notion. So here arises the doubt about the country of origin where the manufacturing and assembling of JBL products held. 

To answer this question and to take you out of the confusion, we are here to help you. In this write up we will give you every detail about the branding and manufacturing of JBL products. 

Is JBL a Chinese Company? 

To start with, the first thing we must know that it is a USA brand, JBL is completely an American-based company. There are numerous JBL products you get in the market, like headphones, Bluetooth devices, speakers, and all music-related devices. 

JBL is a brand owned by Harman technologies, the parent company of JBL is Harman. But in 2016, Samsung took over the control of Harman which is a known South Korean Brand. 

The subsidiary company of Samsung is Harman since 2016, so it clearly says JBL is a brand owned by Samsung. As we all are aware that Samsung has its headquarters in the USA, so it means JBL is also headquartered in the USA. It means “ JBL is not a Chinese Company”. 

Is JBL a Chinese Company? Well, no with the above content we can clearly say NO. 

Why JBL Headphones have a notion of Made in China? 

Harman -the parent company of JBL, takes services from many other countries like Germany, India, China, and more for assembling, designing, and engineering. 

Harman International company manufactures its products in different countries like Hungary, Germany, Indian, and China. So China is also among the countries where JBL products are manufactured. 

When manufacturing is done in China, as per rules and regulations it has become a mandate to put a notion of Made in China on the products. But it does not mean that JBL is a Chinese Company. 

All JBL headphones have a tag of Made in India as they are manufactured in China Factories. 

So to clear the doubt, we say that not all products are manufactured in China but some JBL products are made in China. But the company does not belong to China. 

Are JBL Products owned by Samsung? 

As we said in the above content, Harman is owned by Samsung. And Harman being the company that does every work for JBL products starting from designing to manufacturing. 

Harman is the responsible company for manufacturing all JBL products, and Samsung is the company that owns an ownership only, they are not the owners of JBL products. Samsung only plays the role of the owner of Harman. 

Even many of us are not aware of the fact that Harman is bought by Samsung. 

Best JBL products in India 

Here are the top four JBL products, that you can buy easily from Amazon. 

JBL C100SI In-Ear Deep Bass Headphones 

It is a sleek and glossy design of earphones. These JBL Headphones come in 3 sizes of ear tips. It is an ultra-lightweight in-ear headphone. The cable length of the headphones is 1.2 meters with amazing sound quality. 

JBL C115 TWS Earbuds 

These earbuds manufactured by JBL offer clear crystal sound quality with precise tuning. It has a great battery life of 21 hours of playtime that includes 6 hours on earbuds and 15 hours on a charging case. Earbuds offer pristine quality for 5.8mm ling drivers. This modern design of earbuds is suitable for all. There are 3 available sizes of earbuds, you can pick the one that suits your ear size.  

JBL Flip 3 Stealth Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

This portable BlueTooth speaker is a perfect piece if you are a music lover. As the name says, it is portable, which means you can take it anywhere you want. It offers great JBL Sound with 10 hours of playtime. It streams wireless blue tooth. The speaker is waterproof, made up of durable fabric. The speakers also feature external bass radiators of premium sound effects. 

JBL T460BT On-Ear Headphones 

Now enjoy a superior sound and listening experience with On-ear headphones. It has wireless BlueTooth streaming and features 10 hours battery of continuous playtime. Also there voice control and call access on-ear cups of these headphones. These are lightweight and comfortable, easily flat foldable headphones. 

The Final Verdict 

This is a common perception that many of us have, we usually think many foreign and Indian brands are Chinese brands. But in reality, they are not. With the above content, we have described why many products of JBL have a notion of Made in China, but that does not mean that it is a Chinese Company. 

Is JBL a Chinese Company? Just like other brands, JBL also gets its few services from China. In fact, it is an American Company, they have its Headquarters in the USA. Many brands get their assembling or designing from China due to low costs and many other factors. 

I hope with the above write-up, you are clear with the fact that JBL is not a Chinese Company. So the confusion is over now. JBL is a USA-based company that gets its manufacturing from many other countries.  

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