Is Mivi a Chinese Company? Really? Then why Mivi Bluetooth Speakers are Made in India?

Mivi is a Chinese Company? You must be having this question in your mind since many products of the brand come with a tag of “Made in China”. Here in this article, we will clear out your confusion and gives you all relevant information about the brand. 

It is a fact, a few years ago we dint hear about this brand, although it is the fastest-growing brand that has captured the electronics market in a short span. Since then we know it is an Indian electronics brand. However, in the beginning, South Korea and China were two countries that manufactured Mivi products. 

But as per the owner, it is completely an Indian company, then why people call it a Chinese company. 

At the beginning of every business, there are many problems that one could face like financial issues, labor, machines, and more. That is the reason Mivi products were made in China. But now, the scenario has changed completely, it is gaining popularity as an Indian company as it has more strength than before. 

The manufacturer of Mivi products has done many good things for the county and even a part of Atmanirbhar Vision. 

Mivi has started their manufacturing in India in 2020, but still have their manufacturing plants in China and South Korea. 

Is Mivi a Chinese Company? 

Mivi, a company is totally based in Hyderabad, India. It is a company, established in 2015 by two Indians, named Midhula and Vishwanath 

Vishwanath being an electronic expert, initiated to make this his own brand. He has worked in the electronic field in the US. With the help of his wife, a software engineer, he started his own brand. 

As he knew the shortcoming of electronics in India and was also aware that India is full of Chinese products. Keeping in mind these two points, he started his own brand Mivi, with affordable and great electronic products for the Indian market. 

When we talk about its manufacturing, in the starting of the business, they have their manufacturing from South Korea and China. 

Therefore, they get their all products manufactured from these two countries. The company has earned great revenue in the last 5 years and in recent times, they are using the revenue to develop the brand in the Indian market. Now they are completely based in India, their products are manufactured in India. Recently, they have introduced Bluetooth speakers, totally made in Indian products. 

Gradually, the brand wants to manufacture their all products in India. 

Best Selling Mivi Products in the Market

Manufacturing of Mivi Products 

As we have said before, Mivi products are still manufactured in China, but they are putting their best efforts to do complete manufacturing in India. Apart from South Korea and China, they have opened their manufacturing unit in India recently. 

Since many brands that get their manufacturing from China, have earned a lot of money over the years. Although the complete products are not manufactured in India, due to many reasons such as lack of labor, lack of machines, and more. 

If we talk about the progress of the brand, in just five years the brand has started their manufacturing in their origin, that is India, which is a big thing. As many other brands took many years to establish their manufacturing unit in their origin country. 

Mivi has great progress over the years, and they have introduced their first Made in India product in Indian in 2020, December. 

So we can clearly say, that Mivi products are manufactured in three countries, India, China, and South Korea. 

Why Mivi headphones have a notion of Made in China?

Why many people have this question” Is Mivi a Chinese Company? Have you ever wondered why, because all headphones of Mivi have a tag of Made in China? 

To clear the confusion, you need to understand some rules and regulations. Like if any brand gets its manufacturing from another country, it is important to write the name of the manufacturing country. As per the government rules, it is mandated to write the name of the country that manufactures and exports them back to India.

It is the same with Mivi, as the company gets their headphones manufacturing from South Korea and gets them exported back to India, as per rules they must give a notion of Made in South Korea. 

Same way, if any product is manufactured in China, it must have a tag of Made in China.
Mivi- First Indian Product 

The owner of Mivi launched their first Indian product in December 2020, is a Bluetooth speaker. 

As we know, the design and concept of every Mivi product were decided in India but the manufacturing was done in China and South Korea. 

Because of the high success rate and good revenue, the brand decided to settle in their origin country, that is India. The manufacturing of Mivi products has now started in India with a good response and success rate. 

In such a short span, this Bluetooth speaker is getting huge success and maximum sales in the market. In today’s time, we can say Mivi is not a Chinese company, it is an Indian Company. 

Now let us have a look at some Mivi Products 

# Mivi Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 

It is one of the best-selling products of Mivi. These earphones are designed keeping in mind hands-free calling and travel-friendly options. It comes with a 6 mm wire, offers powerful highs and lows with a great thunderbolt music experience. 

# Mivi Duapods Earpods 

These earphones come with an easy connectivity option, with their Bluetooth 5.0, it offers a better connection. It has the unique feature of touch adaptive controls. 

# Mivi Roam 2 Bluetooth Speaker

It is a great piece for music lovers, the Bluetooth speaker offers great sound with high bass. Also, it is easy to carry, this speaker is a small size that you can easily keep in your bag. You will find four different colors, allowing you to have great color options.

The Final Verdict

Is Mivi a Chinese Company? Hope with the above content this question is answered thoroughly. Therefore, it is not a Chinese Company, this brand is entirely an Indian company.