Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The first episode of the season premieres. With Amrita stating that she wishes to act in the same manner as Karan. Her mother attempts to dissuade her, but Pritam asks that they allow her to go forward with it. Pammi slams the door in his face. Mansour inquires as to why she is unable to act just because he is no longer alive. Upon hearing this, Dadaji concurs with him and urges Amrita to go on. Amrita begins by admonishing them to refrain from crying. Amrita re-enacts the bangle incident from their shared history with the bangle. Everyone was overcome with emotion. Pritam takes a glance at Karan’s photograph. He thinks back on Dadaji’s comments. Amrita notices that the family is emotional and invites them to clap their hands in support of her. Pritam initiates the clapping, which is quickly followed by others.

Pritam has been placed under custody by the police. According to another police source, after reviewing Pritam’s phone records, it was discovered that he is in contact with drug mafia chief Rathi. When they find out, they are taken aback. Nimmo instructs them on how to begin the procedure. Guneet calls Chaddha and learns that he’s stuck with Dolly’s spouse because of a previous agreement. They begin the rites of passage. Nimmo performs the ceremony for her baby shower. Mansour informs Pritam that the rite taking place there is taking place in Amrita’s present, not in his past. They come across a police jeep that is entering, but they believe it is for someone else. Pritam is completely taken aback. When the police arrive, they proceed with the ceremony as before. Mansour wonders how they were able to enter a function in such a haphazard manner. They claim to be there to apprehend Pritam Chaudhary, who they believe is wanted for murder. Everyone is taken aback when they hear it.


Mansour claims that Pritam is not this type of person and that they would have misconstrued what he was saying. Dadaji also supports Pritam, but the police reveal a photo of Pritam taken from a surveillance camera. Soni recalls discovering the photograph, and Beeji recalls hearing the news of the murder. Pammi claims that he is with them because he has killed someone else. Dadaji inquires of Mansour as to whether he is a killer, but Mansour responds in the negative. Baljeet teases him, and Beeji wonders whether he’s been playing a joke on them the whole time. Pritam refuses, claiming that he went to the hotel only to meet someone else and that he did not commit any murders. He is escorted away by police, who then ask him to accompany them. It looks like he’s about to be handcuffed, so he asks them not to since Mansour will accompany them. They are aware of the regulations, according to the inspector.


Guneet is sought after by the inspector, who informs him that he has an arrest warrant out for him as well. Everyone is taken aback when they hear it. When everyone questions what Guneet’s fault is in all of this, they attempt to restrain him with handcuffs. He claims that he has supplied Pritam with a place to stay and that he has also invited him to their function. Amrita’s father claims that he was invited just out of courtesy, and Kabir claims that Guneet will not even speak with Pritam on the subject. The inspector asserts that he did not hear anything. Pritam requests that he arrest him, but that he release Guneet. Mansour also expresses the same sentiment, but Inspector does not take him seriously. Amrita becomes enraged and orders them to cease and desist. She argues with the Inspector about how he was able to arrest her father and begs him to release him. All of the people that came across her were furious and attempted to calm her down. If the family members cause a commotion, the police will arrest everyone in the house. Angry with Pritam, Amrita accuses him of ruining her great day and getting them into trouble. Pritam and Guneet are taken away by the inspector.