Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Pritam asks Rathi to release go of him at the opening of the episode. Pritam claims that an innocent soul is awaiting her clothing, and that he must deliver it to her. He claims that she is a widow who is in pain, and that after much pain, she has had a moment of delight, for which he must provide the dress. Rathi laughs at him and tells him that the bag is vital to them, just as the garment is to her. He throws the dress bag away, but it floats in mid-air. Pritam appears to be on it. Mansour dials Pritam’s number, but he does not answer. Amrita meets him and inquires as to how he came to be friends with Pritam and why he suggested him as their pg. Angad admits that he, too, has reservations.

Mansour claims that he has his fair share of good and bad behaviour, but that his good side will always outweigh his bad. Angad agrees with him because he has aided them on numerous occasions. Soni agrees and claims that he always makes a heroic entrance. Amrita inquires about his occupation, as he does not appear to be a stock dealer. When Kabir, Sunny, and Ronny arrive, Mansour stammers to respond. While Angad drives them to work, Kabir welcomes Mansour. Angad tells Amrita she needs to get dressed, but she says she can’t because she doesn’t have a dress. Kabir inquires as to why Pritam has not yet arrived with the outfit. She chastises him for sending the dress to him, but Kabir and Angad reassure her that he will arrive shortly.


Pritam is being beaten by Rathi’s men. Pritam mocks him and tells him to send his men to collect the luggage for him. If something happens, he requests that they shoot him. Rathi ponders for a moment before asking his troops to accompany him. If something goes wrong, he hands them a gun and tells them to shoot everyone. Pritam steals the weapon and flees the scene. They have a battle and pursue, and Pritam manages to get his hands on the bag, but he is hit. Pritam is being taunted by the Sakhujas who are waiting for him. Angad chastises Kabir for sending Pritam’s clothing. Mansour has stated that he will surely bring the gown. Amrita decides that she can no longer postpone her baby shower and changes into a new gown. They hear a bike sound as she closes the door.


When Pritam arrives, everyone is taken aback by his state. He apologises for falling off his bike and hands the dress to Amrita. Amrita expresses gratitude and expresses concern for him due to his injury. It’s fine, according to Pritam. When Amrita tells him to stop, he starts moving up. She hands him the first-aid kit. She tells him to go to the doctor if necessary, and she asks Angad to assist him in getting dressed. Pritam replies he’ll take care of it personally and instructs them to begin the function. Mansour goes with Pritam to assist him with the dressing after Nimmo asks her to get dressed.


Meera is enraged with Sakhujas and examines the baby shower gown. When Divya arrives, Meera instructs her to remove the dress from her sight. Divya inquires as to what transpired. Meera claims that they did nothing illegal and that they only wanted to attend the function. She claims she was looking forward to it, but Guneet and Nimmo ruined it for her. Bit getting dressed, Mansour mentions to Pritam that he saw old Pritam for a while. Pritam believes Amrita ji’s happiness is important. Happiness, according to Mansour, does not come easily. When Pritam says Rathi grabbed him and there’s a bomb in the home, he asks what really happened.