Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Over the phone, Kabir tells Meera that no one in the family knows he works for her. Meera expresses her want to say something. Meera inquires of Kabir about Amrita’s best interests. She requests that he mention something unique. Kabir requests that she give her a car as a gift. He claims she’ll be there, and that’s the major present. Gurmeet approaches Kabir and asks him to take Amrita’s clothes to the tailor.

Kabir claims to be on the phone with his supervisor. Meera teases him, and he tells her to be quiet. Gurmeet asks him not to speak to his boss in this manner. Kabir informs him that they have a meeting and asks him to leave. Meera inquires about Gurmeet’s reaction to her father’s visit. Kabir invites her to come meet him tomorrow, which she eagerly accepts. Kabir requests that she give her a pram as a gift. She inquires as to whether they contacted DJ, to which he responds that they did not because they are in financial distress. He hangs up the phone. Meera is concerned about how they will handle the event.

Pritam walks inside a room, holding a box. He looks for something and then asks where he hid the note. Dadi inquires as to what he is looking for under the bed. She inquires as to whether he performs repairs. He claims that he does. She hands him a torch and a mosquito bat and instructs him on how to fix it. Pritam has stated that he will do so after Amrita’s baby shower.

Nimmi inquires as to what she was saying to Saroj. Saroj claims she is enraged with him because she has yet to view the items she brought. She instructs Kamli to deliver it. Pritam looks for the bag but hides when he sees Kamli. They receive the bag from Kamlie.

When Amrita appears in front of Pritam, he is still looking for the bag. She inquires as to what he is doing in the kitchen, and he responds with the same question. Amrita claims that she has come to dry her clothing. They engage in some amusing banter. Pritam tries to open the cup board after Amrita informed him that there is mirchi light inside.

A box of Aata lands on him unexpectedly. Nimmi, who was ready to open it, is startled by the noise. Everyone runs into the kitchen and bursts out laughing when they discover Pritam covered in flour. They are still laughing. Dadi makes an attempt to take a selfie with him. Amrita is asked to quit giggling by Saroj.

Pritam claims she only knows how to laugh. Someone recorded his video as he walked to his room. Kabir notices him, but he flees before he can apprehend him. The man contacts the police and claims to know where the murderer is hiding. Pritam will be apprehended, police swear.

Pritam claims that he had to put in a lot of effort for just one bag. There are Angad and Kabir. They both say they want to unwind by drinking alcohol. He refutes the allegations. They insist, so he sits down with them and drinks with them.

The three of them begin to imbibe. Gurmeet arrives, and Angad and Kabir remain hidden till Gurmeet arrives. He inquires as to why he is drinking in this location. He tries to get up and says he was going to walk inside. Gurmeet, on the other hand, requests that he take a seat. He sits next to him, his feet resting on a beer bottle. He inquires as to what this is and why there are three bottles. He speaks for himself. Gurmeet admits that he is exhausted as well, and he begins to drink with him.

Gurmeet hears his father calling and flees, pleading with him not to tell anyone. Kabir and Angad are seen by Gurmeet. They get into a witty debate. When he arrives, he notices Pritam drinking and teases him. Pritam takes everyone’s names, which Gurmeet promises he will strike.

He inquires as to who the other two are. Kabir and Angad join hands before he says he brought for him. He claims that he will drink with him. They ask him to put a stop to it. He claims that he is unemployed and that he also consumes alcoholic beverages. He downs the entire bottle in one sitting, stunning Pritam.

The ladies are preparing for the Baby Shower. Sony requests that she apply mehendi to Amrita, but Saroj stops her and asks how she can do so. She inquires as to whether she has forgotten about Karan. Amrita’s screen goes black.