Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Everyone is preoccupied with a baby shower ceremony when the episode begins. Others join Angad and Kabir in their dance. Pritam arrives and is relieved to see that everyone is safe.

Soni joins them in the dance. Pritam enters his room and removes the luggage. He’s perplexed as to how he could have made such a blunder. Pritam emerges and discovers a man videotaping Soni on his phone. Pritam appears and slaps the man.

Pritam’s family members yell at him, accusing him of overstepping his bounds and asking why he’s causing so much unnecessary trouble. He pulls the phone away from him and tells Angad to calm down. When he checks his phone, everyone is taken aback to view Soni’s video, which has been recorded in an obscene manner.

Soni sobs as an enraged Angad smacks the man and begins beating him. He tells Kabir to phone the cops. When Pritam hears the word “Police,” he becomes concerned. Another man begs them to pardon him, stating that if the matter is taken to the police, his shop will be forced to close as well. For the first time, he asks them to forgive.

Pritam agrees with him because if the police get involved, the film will be seen by a large number of people. He takes Angad’s phone and deletes the video from it. He returns it to the pervert, and he is thrown out.

Pritam is thanked by the family for his assistance. Pritam claims that he only done his duty, but that he desperately needs their forgiveness. Soni, who was crying as she hugged Amrita, said she would forgive him. Everyone is waiting for Amrita, who agrees to forgive him as well. When Angad summons Pritam to join the party, he begins to leave for his chamber. Pritam thinks it’s a great chance to obtain the bag. Pritam expresses his interest in joining and inquires whether he has any work to do. Beeji invites him to join her and offers him work. Meera and her sister Divya are shopping for Amrita’s gifts.

Meera dislikes all of her suggestions since she wants to provide a unique present. Naveen asks Meera for 5k, but Divya says he just got 5k from his father this morning. Meera inquires whether he wishes to purchase a gift for Amrita. Meera warns Naveen about his badmouthing of Amrita.

The money is taken from her bag by Naveen himself. She inquires as to why he requires the funds, but he responds that his pals are waiting outside. They both try to stop him, but he departs. Divya adds he gets money from Aapa as well. Divya claims that his friends do not appear to be good people. Meera requests that she go because she is upset.

Pritam is draping the home in cloth and bemoans his own predicament. Kuljeet wishes to assist Angad, but Guneet requests that he take a break. While Pritam is decorating, Kabir is holding Pritam’s ladder. His gaze searches the interior of the house for the bag. He couldn’t find it and speculates that it might be in Amrita’s room. Amrita emerges from her room, claiming that her outfit is too small. When the fabric he’s carrying for decoration falls on her, she discovers Pritam.

Amrita is engulfed by the cloth, and Pritam assists her in escaping. When the others tell Amrita not to get angry because he is assisting her with her function, she begins to lash out at him. When Kabir receives Meera’s call, he instantly leaves to speak with her. When Pritam is afraid of falling, he calls him brother, but Amrita warns him not to. Kuljeet inquires as to what is the matter and sends Amrita inside.