Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Amrita begins the show by stating that her Karan did not die in vain, but rather after helping many lives. She expresses her gratitude for the same. Why is Amrita’s mother keeping her anguish to herself?

Amrita claims that she would not cry because Karan will not return. Amrita’s father bemoans the fact that God has taken away all the colours from her life, along with Karan. Her parents become tearful. They all grin as she speaks with her baby about them. Amrita’s father claims that she wishes for the old Amrita to return. Amrita says she’s still there, hoping for the best.

Meera is dancing while listening to music through her headphones. Everyone is staring at her strangely. They inquire as to what had happened to her. Meera claims that the Sakhujas are performing for a song, so she decided to give one from their family as well. Krishna Kant inquires as to how she came to know about it.

Kabir, she claims, called her. He is slandered by Naveen and Krishna Kant. She warns them about their language and tells them that they must perform for their family. He instructs Naveen to turn on the surround sound system. They all begin to dance. Aapa desires for happiness to last a lifetime.

Everyone is dancing on Sakhuja’s side, and Pritam can see it from the top. Amrita is furious with him. Pritam receives a call and begins to leave. Kamli places the bomb bag back in the cabinet. Amrita encourages them to continue playing despite the fact that the music has stopped seeing him. It begins to play. Pritam goes outside, but he returns. He tells them that whatever transpired the day before was incorrect, and that he was uptight the day before. He begs them to forgive him and promises to depart if they so desire. If it’s feasible, he also asks them to forgive. He then departs from there.

Dadaji approaches Amrita, who declares that she is unconcerned about his forgiveness. Pritam presents the bag to Raati, who expresses his gratitude for his confidence. He is taken aback when he opens the bag and discovers baby items. Raati’s soldiers apprehend Pritam and Monty. Pritam remembers what happened and realises that the bag belongs to Sakhujas, which surprises him. He resolves to retrieve it and requests time from Raati. Raati gives him until 12 a.m., after which she threatens to kill Monty. Pritam makes a hasty exit.