Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist.

Kartik Waiting For Sirat. She claims that I don’t have the courage to face him. Please go Kartik. It’s for your and your family’s betterment. He says that she is living a fake life, and he won’t have any problem taking her. He recalls her words. He Sets the Breakfast Table. Uncle and Aunty Come. Aunty says we will miss you when you go. Uncle says Don’t let him go, make him Ghar Jamai. Kartik Says I Will Go And Call Simran. Aunty asks if you had a fight with her. He tries to convince her. He says she won’t agree. Uncle Asks Him To Go. Aunty says, “Try with love, then hold her hand with right, it’s imp to convince the other for betterment.” Sirat says, “What Shall I do?” He will go, and Ignore him. Kartik Goes To Sirat. She opens the door and sees him. Aunty and Uncle Dance and Show Them. Ankhon Me Teri….Plays… Kartik Asks Sirat Not To Run Away. She asks him to stay happy and keep his family happy. Kartik asks her to have breakfast. He folds his hands and signs Aunty and Uncle to stop dancing. Sirat Goes For Breakfast.

Suwarna shows the article in The Magazine. Manish claims that the reporter was asking for the designer’s name. She says you should have told Gayu’s name. Manish Says I Was Afraid Of Media Reaction, Kartik Is Still After Sirat. She says he won’t do anything that harms the business, but I am sure you and Kartik will always be together. He says he wishes he never found Sirat. Sirat and Kartik Wash the Utensils Together.

He encourages her. She says that I won’t change my mind. He says he won’t accept defeat. He goes. She says that Maudi asked me to dream of becoming a champion and winning medals. What shall I do? She says she should fight for myself, Ranvir, Kartik and Maudi. She goes to see. Aunty Rest is provided by Uncle and Kartik. She asks if she can call a doctor. Uncle says she is sick. Kartik Says Maybe Any Infection. Sirat asks about Bp Medicines. Uncle says she took the medicines. Kartik Says We Will Let Her Rest. Aunty says Oberois will be her wedding order. Sirat Says Its Tomorrow. Kartik asks Simran and Uncle to go, he will be with Aunty. Uncle says no. Aunty asks them to go. Kartik asks Sirat not to thank him, go and fulfill the order. She thinks you are always helpful, so why is it that I won’t do anything that brings me loss? Kartik Massages Aunty’s Head. Uncle and Sirat Leave. Aunty Says That You Love Simran a Lot. Kartik Says No. She says, “Then who comes to Dalhousie from London?” He says Take Rest, You Have Light Fever. She says that your problem is serious, you love her but don’t accept. He claims he fell in love with her and accepted his feelings, but that girl wasn’t your Simran.

Uncle and Sirat make the bouquets. He claims that we will keep more beautiful decorations for your marriage. She says she will never marry. Kartik says that girl isn’t alive, but she is in my heart. Aunty says that I know the body dies, but memories don’t. You should give yourself a second chance. Sirat says I am happy with you all. Uncle says you should have someone who stands by you, even if the world is against. Aunty says someone who makes you smile even when you are sad. Kartik Recalls Sirat. Aunty says that a person who finds her happiness and relations in your life is one of the best. Kartik and Sirat think of each other. Aunty says that we won’t let our loved ones go if it was in our hands. Kartik says this feeling is dead for me now. She says no, we feel that we will be cheating the first one if we give another chance to love. He asks her to rest, he will call the doctor. Aunty says that you can’t change my thoughts by changing the topic, but we can’t stop the person coming. Better to welcome her with open arms, Simran is a nice girl, your Jodi will be good. Sirat says Raj and I are not equal, but I made my decision, it will never change. Uncle says we can’t do anything in front of Lord’s decision.

She speaks to The Doctor about Aunty. Kartik recalls Aunty’s words. She Recalls Uncle’s Words When She Sees Him. She Thanks Aunty for taking care of her. Kartik says that I am tired of these formalities and is doing this for my and their newly formed relationship. They say I need to talk something, but first you. The Light is the Key. She searches for candles and collides with them. She says, “Sorry, Are you hurt.” They light a candle. Socha Na Tha….Plays…

He asks her to do something to clear the stains on her name. The lights will come. She says that she doesn’t care about it, and that it will fade with time. He holds her hand and says that the stain is on me, my family, our relationship, and respect. She says she knows, so I don’t want to go back. He says maybe that stain gets cleared for good. She says she will try and come on the hearing, don’t ask me to stay back or come home. He says you have to answer them, you were blamed for murder, and I was blamed for conspiracy. Then, Sirat the Champion can be yours, do not ask me. She says she doesn’t care about it. He claims that my family is also affected. Don’t you want to shut up those people’s mouths who wrote fake articles about your family?