Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

The Episode opens with Kartik and Sirat enjoying a romantic moment. Mithi mithi plays… He is hurt and asks her to leave. She really asks. He said yes. He jokes. She giggles. She laughs and says, “I’m going to make tea.” She can see Kairav and Vansh getting upset. Kairav questions if Suwarna and Dadi are getting Gayu remarried. Will Vansh have a nice father? Sirat said that everyone would like this. Vansh said that if this father is like the old one. Sirat replies that he will accept Vatsal and you as his sons. Kairav asks did you meet him, did Gayu meet him. Sirat and Gayu are both on their way. Gayu wants to know where we are going. Sirat promises me that you will find out, and I will make sure you think about your family. Gayu requests driver to stop. She responds, “I want some time.”

Sirat claims that I wanted the same. But Dadi called them to meet. I want you to meet Saurabh, without any pressure. Kartik and me will stand behind you if you don’t like the alliance. Just meet him once. They return home. Kartik leaves for his meeting. He tells Gayu to go on. It’s not easy but it is what they must do for their family and themselves. He said he wasn’t ready but everyone is happy today. I won’t allow anything to happen with you. I want your happiness first. He walks away. Sirat and Gayu enter the house. Sirat gets mad at Manish. Surekha says Saurabh’s bhabhi informed me. Gayu claims that I knew this would happen. She leaves. Surekha and Dadi ask Sirat why she took Gayu. Sirat suggests that we think about Gayu thinking. Surekha argues. Sirat claims that he has seen good relationships in this house. It is better to end a relationship if it is weak.

Suwarna believes your intentions are right but that you have chosen the wrong way. Surekha claims she will not become Naira. Sirat taunts her. Sirat tells her to be quiet. Surekha claims she is talking to me too badly. She has no values, cheap people, or cheap thinking. Sirat asks her how she can control her thoughts. Manish said enough. You have no manners. You will never be Naira. Sirat goes crying. Naira’s picture is what she talks to. She said that she doesn’t know how to manage such relations. It’s morning and Suwarna and Dadi see the preparations. Sirat arrives and promises Gayu that he will get her ready. Surekha claims that we don’t trust you. She can have her dressed in a hoodie with gloves. Sirat jokes. Dadi and Suwarna laugh. Kairav claims that he didn’t see Gayu this morning. Sirat calls Gayu. She calls Gayu. She worries. There is a letter. She goes downstairs. The guests arrive. Gayu asks Kairav if she can give the letter to Dadi if no one is there. She tells Gayu that if someone asks me for the letter, I will just be there. Kartik is already on his way. Sirat calls him. He says I m getting sweets. He says he m getting sweets. The guest calls Gayu. Dadi sends Suwarna on a mission to Gayu.

Kairav asks Suwarna for the letter. Sirat has already sent it. Suwarna gets shocked reading it. Sirat searches for Gayu. Suwarna claims Gayu has left the house and taken her children. Everyone gets shocked. Kartik and Sirat worry about Gayu. She claims that she is at the taxi stand. He said he was coming. She asks Gayu why he did this. Vansh questions where we are going. She says, “Why did you get me?” We were working on a school project. Gayu tells Vansh to forget about the school and the project. We don’t have any family. She is seen by the driver, who thinks she has lots of cash and jewellery. Suwarna calls Sirat to ask where Gayu is. Manish replies, “I told you, don’t try to be Naira. Gayu left the home forever. If anything happens to Gayu and her children, then I will not forgive.” Sirat spots Gayu in the taxi. She shouts Gayu, and she runs. Surekha claims that we made a mistake in trusting her. Dadi prays. Driver sees Sirat following. He makes a wrong turn. Gayu is able to see the way.