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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The Episode begins with Sirat asking the ladies to keep dressed up since she’s newly married. Dadi asks Sirat are you going out. Sirat replies that no, but will everyone have tea or juice. Dadi said that I had praised their homemade tea. Make kachoris every day. Sirat says that I don’t know how to make it. She continues. She looks exactly like Naira, says the lady. She looks just like Naira according to the other lady, but she doesn’t know much about her qualities. Dadi said that she is certain she will soon look like Naira. Suwarna goes. Gayu asks, “Why didn’t I say you had to go?” Sirat says help me in making kachoris like Naira. Surekha claims you heard what they said about you. Surekha mocks her. Kartik thanks Mr. Keswani to give his time. Keswani tells me that I must finish the shoot and then leave until night. Kartik claims Sirat will be coming. He introduces Keswani to the young boxers. He believes Sirat might be stuck in traffic. Gayu and Suwarna help Sirat in cooking kachoris. Sirat wants to know if Sirat can make good kachoris like Naira’s. Suwarna says you can make better, did you inform Kartik. Sirat says no, I m busy, you message him. Suwarna messages Kartik. The girl questions if Sirat is coming.

Keswani said that Sirat should be called fast. Sirat is a Goenka family member bahu. I believe she was too busy with her household chores. My mum said the same thing to me, that a girl could become a boxer but must work in the kitchen after marriage. Sirat offers kachoris for the ladies. Kairav and Vansh return home. Kairav asks Sirat, “Did Sirat make it?”. Sirat gives them the kachoris for to eat. Sirat questions if it is good. Dadi replies that it is very delicious. Kartik comes. Dadi said you reminded her of Naira. Kairav said it was really delicious. Sirat makes the tea. Kartik is upset. Kartik goes upstairs. Kairav asks Kartik to do one thing. Kartik is furious. Sirat and Kairav appear to him. Kairav asks him to make kachoris. She asks if he is upset. Dadi’s friends were there, really sorry. Kartik refuses. Kairav leaves. Sirat believes that I don’t know the right way to convince my husband. Kartik questions why you are scratching your head. She replies that she is thinking about something. Sirat plays the guitar and says that when two hearts are in love, their strings sound like this. Kartik smiles. She tries to convince Kartik. She insists that she will sing. She screams and sings Kartik, I’m sorry. He is shocked and laughs.

He said, “Fine, enough. I will forgive your sins if you cease singing.” She apologizes. He drops the guitar onto her foot and she says sorry. He replies that he doesn’t ever say sorry. She said, “I won’t apologize.” He claims you think you’re a magician and you understand gravity. I am sorry. She claims that I made a mistake and would have been there, but Dadi called her friends. How could I hurt her? He claims Dadi wouldn’t have refused to come if she told him that he had to go, but he doesn’t think she would. I don’t know how to make it work, my career and dreams are important to me, Sirat Mary Kom Goenka is your dream, and I can’t forget that. He leaves. She asks how Naira managed everything so well. He hears it and stops. He then asks, “Why did you ask that?” She replies, “I will be careful.” He likes the kachoris. She believes he said it was good and not Naira’s. He tells her that it is really good. He hugged her. Kairav and Vansh argue and study. Sirat arrives and asks Sirat what happened. Vansh questions Sirat about the incident and he gives him the answer. Sirat says I…..

Kairav stares at her. He tells her that we will ask the teacher tomorrow. Sirat has studied at another school and she doesn’t know about our teacher. Sirat goes. Vansh claims that Naira studied at the hostel and knew everything. Sirat is seen by Manish. She moves. He taunts her and tells me I must arrange tuition for children. Sirat gets sad hearing him. Dadi calls her out. She asks her where she is. Sirat replies, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you.” I am fine, Sirat. Dadi tells you to become Naira for our benefit. Suwarna watches. Dadi said you need to do something like Naira. Gayu is a good man, his wife died two years ago, so why should Gayu be punished for Samarth’s error? Suwarna claims that we want her to have a second chance like Kartik and you. Sirat said yes. What can I do? Dadi said you handled everything. I saw Naira in your eyes, so I’m certain that you can convince Gayu to join this alliance. Sirat asks how. Dadi said she considers you her sister and will listen to your questions. Sirat sees Manish. Dadi and Suwarna request Sirat to give it a try.


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