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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th October 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Kartik telling Sirat not to be concerned since she will fight well once she enters the arena. Sirat calls Swarna and inquires about Akshu and Aarohi’s whereabouts. Swarna informs Sirat that the two of them are asleep. Sirat is instructed to concentrate solely on the boxing. Sirat is introduced to Arwind by Kartik. He informs her that Sikander is unable to do his duties and that Arwind has taken control. Sirat’s fitness is being checked by Arwind and the club’s manager. Sirat is tasked with the task of picking up the weight. Sirat fails miserably. Sirat is encouraged by Kartik. Sirat has passed the examination.

Sirat puts his boxing skills to the test. Sirat is told not to stress herself out on the first day by Arwind. Sirat makes the decision to contact Swarna. Swarna tells Sirat that if she doesn’t trust them, she’ll keep calling and calling and calling. Sirat informs Swarna that things are not like that. Surekha explains to Swarna that if Sirat was so concerned about Aarohi and Akshu, then she should have stayed with them instead of leaving them. Swarna requests Surekha to refrain from taunting Sirat on a regular basis. Surekha is tasked with preparing for the Puja by Suhasini.

Arwind summons a group of boxers to assemble. Sirat is concerned about Aarohi and rushes to the house. She notices Aarohi’s cart laying on the ground. Aarohi is called out for by Sirat. Surekha, Swarna, and Suhasini interrogate Sirat about why she yelled. Swarna transports Aarohi. Sirat gives Aarohi a bear hug and inquires about Akshu. Swarna informs Sirat that Akshu is dozing in his bed. Sirat explains that no one was picking up the phone and that she was concerned about her girls. Swarna informs Sirat that they were engaged in puja and therefore missed her call. When asked if she doesn’t trust them, Surekha replies in the negative. Sirat asserts that this is not the case. She goes on to say that juggling job and children is quite challenging.

Swarna instructs Sirat to concentrate solely on her game. Sirat claims that she is unable to comprehend how to handle. Suhasini continues in the same manner as she made her decision. Sirat is completely taken aback. Suhasini’s speech is being covered up by Swarna. Later on, Kartik confronts Sirat about missing practise in the middle of the session. Sirat claims she is unable to concentrate on boxing. Sirat is once again inspired by Kartik. Sirat is instructed to concentrate on her game and to make them proud. Sirat promises Kartik that she would concentrate solely on her boxing and that she will not make the same mistake twice.

Sirat and Kartik have been summoned to the school for an award ceremony, which Kairav has informed them of in advance. Kartik decides to pay a visit and informs Sirat that he would be unable to attend. Sirat is tasked with taking care of everything for a day by Goenkas. Sirat is prohibited from visiting the school by Kartik. Kairav becomes agitated.



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