Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kartik starts the Episode by saying sorry, but I didn’t stop your, I will now stop you. Will you stay back? Sirat takes out a ring, and then gets down on her knees. She says she picked it at the club. She then asks, “Are you ready for me to take my punch all your lives? Are you prepared to share your family and life with me?” She replies, “Yes, Sirat Shekhawat, I’m asking you for marriage. He smiles and states that if I am sure you are marrying my because you love me, then you must say it yourself. She responds, “I love you.” They both smile. He said that the ring was not suitable for my size. He forces her to wear the ring. Yeh rishta ……..plays… Dadi, everyone and all are waiting at home. Kairav tells Manish to not worry. Everything will be fine. Kartik returns home with a sad expression. Kirti asks did Sirat refuse. Kartik says you all put much pressure on me. She then asks if she loves you. Kartik tells her she loves me but also wants to marry. Dadi questions Kartik about why she doesn’t want to marry. He replies that she wants to marry. Everyone smiles.

Sirat is shown by him. Kairav embraces her. Sirat is asked by Dadi to come in. Sirat sees Manish. Kairav asks Kartik to bless Sirat and Sirat. Dadi believes he is correct, and he recommends that you take blessings in order to find happiness. Sirat apologizes for all the pain. Kartik thanks Kartik for pointing us in the right direction. Kirti thanks Lord for giving you two a second chance. Not everyone gets another chance. You are going to pursue this love. Sirat says Maudi used the phrase, “bad times come in your life to make it easier to meet good people.” I now understand this. Kirti claims that we often ignore these things. Sirat and Kartik say that we won’t do this now. Kirti embraces them. They accept everyone’s blessings. Dadi promises that he will call pandit to get mahurat for marriage after a few weeks. Kartik smiles. They both go to Manish’s blessings. Manish blesses. Dadi speaks to pandit. She claims that pandit is telling her good mahurat tomorrow and then there will be no mahurat for a few months. Kids get happy. Suwarna wants to know how we can make arrangements so quickly. Sirat replies that it is possible, but too soon. Kartik claims we will keep it tomorrow. Sirat has the power to change her mind. Sirat argues. Everyone smiles.

Dadi said that we will keep the marriage tomorrow. We can’t wait any longer. Kairav also said that he agree with me. Suwarna assures us that we will make arrangements. Surekha questions if we will bear the expense. The girl’s family is not coming, she’s real mum, stepdad, Sheela, Mukesh and her real mother. Manish suggests that they should not come. Sirat and Kartik leave. Surekha claims she is making Kartik follow her signs. Kartik requests Sirat to not feel sorry for Surekha and Manish’s words. She claims they were correct, Manish isn’t happy with their marriage. Kartik said yes, but they have the time. She believes Maudi would be happy. He gives her the stars. He tells Maudi that Maudi is happy and she is blessing us. Maudi is the most shining star, her light is your happiness. He speaks to Maudi. Sirat smiles. Maudi said, “You should know how you behave in front Sasural and your husband. You should always serve your spouse, make good food, and never fight. Sirat questions Maudi about this. He replies that she did not say anything wrong. He catches her neck. He runs. He is held by her. They both see one another. Suwarna comes. They run away. Suwarna said that you cannot stay together tonight. Sirat, come with me.

Everyone makes arrangements for marriage. Suwarna travels to Sirat. Kartik visits Manish. Manish compliments him. Kartik said that if I wear this pagdi, it might make me look better. He sits. Manish tie the pagdi. Kartik thanks Manish, Sirat is a better partner and a better mother than me. I ask you to accept her. Manish promises that he will. Suwarna sees Sirat feeding Akshu. She invites her to visit, it’s her wedding in a while. Sirat turns. Suwarna smiles seeing her.