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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Sirat telling Kartik that she wishes Kairav, Akshu, and Aarohi’s love would never fade. Kartik believes it will remain the same. His phone rings. Akshu and Aarohi have awoken. Sirat is irritated by Kartik. Kartik is tasked with caring for one baby. Kairav approaches Sirat and begs whether he can play with his younger sisters. Sirat claims he does not require permission. Kairav enjoys playing with Aarohi and Akshu. Kartik poses for a photo with Kairav, Sirat, Aarohi, and Akshu.

Swarna, Gayu, and Surekha are in the kitchen discussing Aarohi’s anprasan. Suhasini informs three of them that Aarohi’s anprasan is scheduled for 1 p.m. Surekha is sceptical that Sirat will be able to prepare a sweet dish for Aarohi’s anprasan. Suhasini requests that Surekha refrain from constantly criticising Sirat. Sirat is preparing Aarohi and Akshu for the function. Sirat is informed about Sheetal’s match by Kairav. They are watching the game. Sheetal irritates Sirat since he isn’t playing well. Kartik then requests that Sirat resume her boxing practise. Sirat claims that Aarohi and Akshu are too tiny to play right now. Kartik informs Sirat that he is present to deal with Aarohi and Akshu. Sirat then recalls that she needs to prepare a sweet dish for the event. She exited the building.


Suhasini, Swarna, and others are pleased to watch Sirat embellish the sweet dish. Vansh and Kairav are eager to try the meal. Suhasini requests that Kartik contact Manish and Akhilesh. Girls from the boxing club enter the Goenka residence. Sirat discusses Sheetal with them. Sheetal is upset, and Sikander will talk to her, the girls notify Sirat. They go on to tell Sirat about the Asian Boxing Championship. Sirat refuses to enter the ring again because of Akshu and Aarohi.


The Anprasan ritual begins. Sirat decides to divide the rite equally between Akshu and Aarohi so that neither feels left out. Sirat and Goenkas both agree. Kartik claims that their upbringing will prevent this from happening. Suhasini then performs a ritual with Aarohi and Akshu to determine their professional interests. Aarohi selects a notebook and a pen. Meanwhile, Akshu demonstrates her musical enthusiasm by picking up the recorder.


Later, Kartik gives Sirat an Asian boxing championship form and urges that he fill it out. Sirat informs Kartik that Akshu and Aarohi are both infants, and she cannot leave them to fight in the arena.



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