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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The doctor tells Sirat that they will try for a natural delivery but will need Kartik’s approval if they have to have a caesarean. Sirat informs Kartik that he is not present. The doctor inquires as to if anyone else can sign the document.

Sirat claims that she is alone with Kairav. Kairav requests that the Doctor heal Sirat without waiting for Kartik. Kairav is reassured by the doctor. She tells the nurse not to let Sirat sleep and to make other plans. Meanwhile, Kairav will pray to God for Sirat’s safety and then turn his attention to Akshu. He begs God to send Kartik as well.

Kartik delivers a good presentation here. Kartik is praised by Manish. Akshilesh informs Kartik that he will attend the next meeting in Jaipur. Kartik declines, stating that he wants to be with Sirat until she gives birth. He also made the decision to call Sirat. Suhasini reports that the pooja was completed successfully. Swarna is asked to contact the driver.

Sirat is knocked out. Sirat’s health is a source of concern for the doctor. She inquires of Kairav about Kartik’s arrival. Kairav claims he is unable to contact him. The doctor asks whether anyone else can call. According to Kairav, no one is getting the call. Sirat is someone he prays for. Kartik dials Kairav’s number to discover more about Sirat. Sirat is also taught to the Goenkas. To meet Sirat, Goenkas and Kartik sprint against the time. Kartik encourages Sirat over the phone. Kairav will look after Akshu.

Kartik and his companions arrive at the hospital. He inquires about Kairav’s well-being. Kartik praises Kairav’s bravery. He tells Kairav not to be concerned because Sirat is also brave. Doctors inform Kartik and Goenkas that Sirat’s regular delivery will not be possible, and they will have to have a caesarean section. Kartik is concerned about Sirat and requests the doctor to allow him to meet him. The doctor declines. Swarna is adamant, Kartik.

Kartik approaches Sirat and tells her not to be concerned. Sirat is asked to keep her word. Sirat is asked by Kartik to look after herself and the kid. Kartik can rest assured thanks to Sirat’s assurance. Sirat is taken by the doctor for the operation. Kartik is the one who signs the documents. Later, Kairav tells Kartik and Sirat about how he and Sirat and Akshu arrived at the hospital. Hearing Kairav makes Kartik cry. Goenkas weeps as well.

Furthermore, the doctor informs Kartik that the infant will not be saved. Kartik becomes enraged. Kartik is consoled by Manish. Sirat’s well-being is prayed for by the Goenkas. Sirat gives birth to a female child. Kartik and the others are ecstatic.



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