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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kartik tells Kairav and Sirat that they are both insane in today’s episode. He said he will not allow them to smear his daughter’s name. Kairav and Sirat burst out laughing. Kartik informs Sirat and Kairav that he was aware of their hoax. Manish dials Kartik’s number.

Kartik entrusts Akshu, Sirat, and the impending infant to Kairav’s care. Sirat can rest assured thanks to Kairav’s assurance. Kartik bids Kairav and Sirat farewell. Sirat is to look after herself and the child, he says. Akshu tosses a toy to the ground. Sirat is agitated.

The conference is attended by Kartik and Manish. He checks his network and decides that after the meeting, he will call Sirat first. Suhasini tells Sirat about her visit to the temple. Gayu allegedly told Sirat that she had performed a pooja for the upcoming baby. Suhasini informs Sirat that she will be unable to visit the temple. She asks Sirat if she wants to stay, and then she tells Swarna to leave.

Sirat tells Suhsaini not to be concerned. Kairav arrives and assures Suhasini that Sirat will be taken care of. Suhasini informs Sirat that they would also be accompanying Akshu. Sirat assures Suhasini that Akshu is sound asleep and that she will look after her.

Sirat is in a lot of agony after that. Kairav is concerned about Sirat. Sirat decides to go to the doctor after Kartik’s phone goes dead. Kairav tries unsuccessfully to contact Suhasini, Swarna, and Gayu. Kairav is terrified. Sirat tells Kairav not to worry; they’ll take care of everything. Kairav inquires as to what he may do for Sirat. Sirat requests that Kairav bring her packed suitcase from her room first. Kairav locates the bag and dashes over to Sirat.

Sirat, Kairav, and Akshu all depart the house. Kairav had a hard time lifting the bag. Sirat and Kairav are looking for a way to save time. Kairav prayed to God for assistance. He is overjoyed when he sees an automobile. Sirat and Kairav request that the driver take them to the hospital as soon as possible. Kairav tries unsuccessfully to contact Kartik and Manish afterwards. The discomfort from sirat rises. Sirat is comforted by Kairav. Sirat’s suffering becomes unbearable. Kairav is concerned about Sirat.

Kartik puts on a wonderful show and impresses the males in the audience. After their car is punctured, the driver brings another car. Kairav and Sirat have arrived at the hospital. Sirat is concerned about her child. Sirat’s doctor informs her that her pregnancy is premature and that she will need her husband to sign some paperwork.



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