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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kartik asks Suhasini and Swarna not to tell Sirat about the stolen bangles in today’s episode. He asks that they maintain their customary behaviour in front of Sirat till he returns. Sirat appears and requests Suhasini to give her bangles so she can clean them. Suhasini feigns indifference.

Sirat inquires if she is concerned about losing the bangles. Swarna informs Sirat that Suhasini has contacted the jewellery store and that the store is closed today. Sirat is persuaded. She makes the decision to send Kairav to school. Sirat is asked to take a step back and care for Akshu and the forthcoming baby by Kairav. Sirat inquires if Kairav is certain. Sirat can rest assured thanks to Kairav’s assurance.

Suhasini laments the loss of her bangles. Sirat overhears Suhasini, Swarna, Gayu, and Surekha discussing the bangles and discovers Shelia has taken them. Sirat meets Shelia and confronts her about her bangle collection. Sheila is attempting to conceal the truth. Sirat learns from Sheila that she sold the bangles in order to recoup some of the money she owed the buyers. Sirat is enraged with Sheila. She leads her to the bangles’ location.

Sirat searches for the bangles. Suhasini’s mother’s bangles are returned to her by Kartik. Suhasini becomes overwhelmed when she sees the bangles. Kartik explains that he purchased the bangles from a market that sells stolen goods. He further asks that Manish and Sirat not be informed of the situation. Manish leaves Gayu, Surekha, Suhasini, and Swarna speechless.

Sirat then demands that Sheila confess her wrongdoing in front of Goenkas. Sheila makes an attempt to flee. Sirat is saddened by the fact that Sheila, via her actions, has humiliated her in front of the Goenkas. She made the decision to imprison Sheila. Sirat agrees to let Sheila go. On the other hand, Manish tells Kartik that while they are concerned about Sirat, they will not reveal Sheila’s deed. Kartik tells Manish that Sirat is vital, thus they can’t tell him about Sheila for the time being. Kartik is on Suhasini’s side.

Sirat appears and admits to Sheila’s crime. She is taken aback when she learns that Kartik had already discovered the bangles. Sirat expresses regret to Goenkas for Sheila’s actions. She made the decision to punish Sheila. It isn’t necessary, according to Kartik. Sheila is asked to leave by Sirat. Kartik is thanked by her. Manish regrets enlisting Sheila’s assistance in the past. Swarna tells Manish not to feel bad about himself. Manish claims that the upcoming baby will be raised in the same manner as Gonekas.

Sirat and Kartik spend a lot of time together. Kairav is accompanied by ice cream. Sirat is ecstatic. Both Kairav and Kartik claim they want a girl. Sirat gets ready the next day. Kartik is transfixed when he sees her.



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