Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

The Episode begins with Sirat asking Kartik if she would be willing to help. Kartik promises that he will. He stops her. She tells him that she will prove her innocence in just two days. She gives her aid. It’s all about the love …..plays …. She said done. He said that he doesn’t know the exact date, but it happened to him. She wants to know what. He doesn’t answer. Sirat attends Akshu. He believes Sirat didn’t hear what I said to her. Kairav calls him and asks for his assistance. He claims that in the school play there is a scene where Radha is scolding Krishna. How will he convince her? Kartik says it’s simple. Krishna will tell Radha that words don’t need to be used where feelings are present. How can you not know I love you so much? I’m ready to confess my affection in front of everyone.

She said Krishna spoke his feelings in few words. I was unable to stop listening. If a man tells such things, any girl will be very fond of him. Kairav leaves. Kairav gets a message. She states that coach has contacted her and that the committee has returned the nationals form. Kartik promises that we will meet up immediately and have a conversation. She said yes. I cannot forgive myself if Maudi doesn’t realize her dreams. Kartik says that I am with you. They both go to the boxing gym. They disagree with the committee. They argue with the committee. Sirat’s coach said that you cannot ruin someone’s career. She said, “Name me, and I will be there.” If I don’t prove my point, I will not play. It’s impossible. How will you prove it in a single day? Kartik claims Sirat will also play and win. Sirat is asked by coach to practice because they are short on time. She replies that she will, but I must prove my innocence. Kartik says that she is talking to the lawyer. Let your anger about your practice out and go for it. She nods.


She thanked Kartik. Bandhan aise banjate hai….plays…. Kartik views Sirat far away. She does some punches. Kartik wonders, “How did I say that?” He walks away. He walks to the cliff’s end. Naira appears. She tells you to not fight with yourself. He said that although you were upset with me, I heard what you said. She claims you have expressed your feelings. What’s wrong with telling the truth? He said that only you are in my heart. How can I love another person, really sorry. She said she trusts you and won’t let anyone else take my place. He said he was upset about me.

She said no, she is really happy and love has no meaning. He said, “You are my love.” She claims that I am not there. Love isn’t something to keep in your memories. If you love someone, it doesn’t mean you can’t love any other person. Don’t forget Sirat’s love. He said that his heart doesn’t agree with him. She believes that love is a natural thing. He said, “You always find me.” She said that I don’t want to see you alone. One who loves wants to see their partner happy, don’t think about the world, and they want you to be an ideal husband or dad. You could have moved on. Life is more beautiful when you are surrounded by people, not with your memories. He hugged her and said, “Please Naira. I need your support.” She tells him that he must go. He said that he would die without you. She tells him to listen to his heart and accept Sirat. He says I will go on forever. He claims that I will break. She said no. Sirat will take care of everything. You can tell her your feelings. Naira goes. He runs. He is given a white dupatta. He recalls Naira’s words.

Kartik returns home to inquire about the preparations. Dadi tells Kartik that Janmashtami is over after just two days. Surekha says that we shouldn’t celebrate. Dadi assures that everything will be okay. Kartik gets lawyer’s call. He claims Chauhan has left the country. They are shocked. Akhilesh said that the case is now stuck. Sirat runs to the temple, crying. She claims that I can’t do anything for all of you, or if Ranvir and Maudi had died. Or when Chauhan pushed me. Why did you save me? Kartik believes that death is not the solution. Family troubles increase when someone leaves. We have to figure out a way. She claims that all avenues have been closed. She weeps and says that everything has been taken from her, that I have no one to prove my innocence, and that I am not guilty. He claims that you are innocent and will prove it. She asks who, because I don’t know anyone. He looks at Sirat, and replies ….