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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Sirat smells the dish in the same way Mauri does in today’s episode. Swarna brings Sirat something tasty. Sirat is ecstatic when he sees the food. Swarna is asked where she acquired the recipe. Swarna claims to have gotten the recipe from the internet. Sirat devoured three delicious platters.

Suhasini is ecstatic. Sirat expresses his want for additional information. Swarna claims that it is now over. Sheela arrives at the Goenka residence. She requests that Goenkas not cast an evil eye on Sirat’s food. Goenkas and Sirat are both taken aback. Swarna sought Sheela’s assistance in making sweet for Sirat, which Sheela revealed to Sirat and others. The Goenkas are taken aback.

Swarna calls Sheela in the past and asks her how Mauri used to make lapsi. Swarna explains the situation to Sheela. Swarna claims that Sirat mentioned lapsi, thus she wants to prepare for her.

Swarna, Sheela claims, is neither innocent nor foolish. She went on to tell Swarna about the recipe. Back to reality, Sheela promises to prepare delicious cuisine for Sirat. Sirat claims she doesn’t require her assistance. Swarna claims Sirat was craving lapsi and sought Sheela’s assistance. Sheela assures Sirat that she will prepare the cuisine she will crave next. Sirat instructs Kartik to request that the driver drop Sheela off at the bus stop. Sheela is adamant about not leaving the house. Sheela is stopped by Kartik.

Sirat is enraged at Kartik for detaining Sheela. She is concerned that Sheela will attempt to harm her. Sirat was concerned by Kartik’s console. Swarna goes ahead and apologises to Sirat for bringing Sheela. Swarna is asked not to apologise by Sirat. Swarna is praised as a mother, and she promises to be the same. Sirat’s conversation was overheard by Kairav. He expresses gratitude to God for providing him with a mother like Sirat.

Sheela brings Sirat juice the next day. Sirat will not drink the juice from Sheela’s hand. Sheela wants to persuade Sirat that she has changed for the better. Sirat is adamant about not believing Sheela. Sirat, Sheela claims, does not realise that she requires a large sum of money. She receives a call from her landlord, who requests two days’ notice. Sheela seeks for a means to get money together.

Sirat notices the gold bangles and realises they belong to Suhasini’s mother. Suhasini has faith in Sirat and trusts her with the bangles. Sirat considers whether or not to accept the bracelet. Surekha begs Sirat to be very careful with the bangles because they are pricey. Sheela decides to arrange the money by stealing the bangles.

Later, Sirat is concerned about the bangles. Sirat is told not to be concerned by Kartik. Suhasini is on the lookout for her bangles. Goenkas has reservations about Sheela. Kartik makes the decision to reclaim the bangles from Sheela.



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