Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai January 23, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

The episode starts with Abhinav saying we found his Dilwale Sir ji again. Neela advises Abhimanyu not to go out with an upset mind. Abhi says that she is right. She says I’m going to scold him and ask him to be a part of this wedding. He says I have work. She says you have to come to this wedding. Abhinav says yes you have to come otherwise I will think you are upset. They insist Abhi. Abhi says people leave the relationship in the middle, you are not letting me out of the marriage, you are so innocent. Abhinav asks him to come. Abhir asks Akshu what God wants. She says she doesn’t know. Abhinav makes Abhi dress like him. He praises Abhi. He says let’s forget what happened, let’s relax today. Abhi smiles and says calm down. Abhir comes and sees them.

He says that Abhi also wore the same dress, I just wanted to match the dress to Daddy. Neela calls Abhinav. Abhinav goes. Abhir drives away Abhir’s bad eyesight. Abhir says you like mom too, I have to say something serious. He climbs onto a chair and checks their height. He asks why you got upset with dad, he’s a simple man, he doesn’t make you sad, he’s cute, he doesn’t upset anyone. He says mom doesn’t trust anyone, she says anyone who comes close makes you cry, you have to be a good person to become a hero, if you make my mom and dad cry then… Abhi hugs him. Abhir says stay away, I’m smart. He warns Abhi. His pants fall. Abhi smiles and asks if I should help. Abhir says I’ll do it, fine, please help. Abhir helps him.

He says remember to do this, you can do it yourself when I’m not there, I’m not that bad. Abhir says he is fine thank you. He signs Abhi and goes. Abhi says that this wedding should happen soon. Neela plays dhol. The girl asks Akshu to be ready for mehendi. Neela asks Akshu to apply the name of Abhi mehendi. Akshu thinks he shouldn’t stay here. She sees Abhi and thinks he is Abhinav. She goes to him and says I told you to keep the friendship and work separately keep your lord ji away I don’t want that man in our life are you listening. She turns him around and sees Abhi. She says sorry, I thought you were Abhi. Abhi says Abhinav. Abhinav comes and says you thought he was her husband, because of the same clothes. Abhi says I can’t forgive myself if anyone is cheated I will go to my room. Abhinav says no, she won’t cheat again. Abhi says that at least I will change my clothes. He goes.

Abhinav said you scolded him thinking it was me. She scolds him. He apologizes, go to Neela, she’s calling you, don’t spoil her mood. She goes. He picks Akshu’s favorite flower. Muskaan asks him to give the flower to Akshu. She teases him. She says I know, you really love her. He smiled.

He asks her not to tease him and just go. She says that Akshu will not see if you blush, say it in signs, if not in words, then pin this flower in her hair, who knows, she understands it herself. He smiles and says that if Akshu hits my head with a rock, then… but I won’t know without trying, two hearts can meet. Manjiri asks why Abhi and Aarohi cannot team up. Suwarna says that Manish and Kairav ​​are not ready for this. Manjiri says Abhi won’t agree, he doesn’t understand that life has to go on, I don’t want his life to be ruined. Neela asks the couple to do Shiv Parvati puja and pray.

Abhinav receives flowers for Akshu. Abhir asks what you are thinking. He says Mom, Dad is trying to get you flowers. Abhinav says no, Muskaan asked you to fix it on his hair. Akshu says the idea is good, but just one flower is enough. Abhinav says you fixed the flower, it can’t get any better than that. She arranges the flower in Abhir’s pocket. Abhinav makes a call. Abhi comes and stays there. She asks Abhinav to come. Neela calls Abhi. Abhi says yes. Neela says no, I was calling Abhinav, did you see him, Abhinav and Akshara have to come first. Abhinav comes. Neela asks him not to move. She asks them to come and receive the blessings. Abhir says that first I will receive the blessings. Neela says he is the loveliest devotee. Akshu and Abhinav pray. Abhi watches.

Akshu and Abhinav desire the couple. Neela asks Abhi to bless the couple. Abhi says congratulations. Neela says you didn’t get a blessing, come pray for you. Akshu thinks that Abhi’s relationship with Shiv ji is already strong, why doesn’t he move on. Abhinav says Abhi doesn’t believe in God, don’t force him. Akshu is surprised. Neela says okay, everyone else come and get the blessing. The mehendi rasam begins. Akshu applies mehendi. Abhi advises an old man about his problem. Neela stops singing. Akshu counts the letter. Neela says yes but what is the song. Muskaan asks Akshu to sing a little.
Abhi and Abhinav get drunk. Abhi says I will miss you, and you know who I will miss the most, we can’t be friends, you are a thief. Abhinav asks what I stole. Abhi says Akshara. Akshu looks worried.

Update credit to: Pooja