Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai January 22, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

The episode begins with the cuckoo clock going off. All clocks start ringing the alarm at 11:11. Akshu and Abhi see each other. He leaves. She looks and walks away. Ruhi says I will take make-up items from Shefali. Shefali comes and sees her. She scolds Ruhi. Ruhi apologizes. Aarohi arrives and apologizes, she is a child, she was just playing. Shefali says makeup is no joke, Ruhi will take anything. Aarohi says that she is scolded and apologizes as well. Ruhi apologizes, don’t scold me, I want poppy. She runs. Aarohi goes after her. Manjiri says he didn’t see Shefali getting upset over little things, she looks worried, tell her to take a break from work. Parth says I’ll talk to her.

Akshu sees the clock running. She washes her face. Neela holds her. Akshu gets scared. Neela asks what happened, you got scared to see me all of a sudden. Akshu says yes. Neela asks if you fixed the clock. Akshu says yes. Neela says one is ahead of time, you forgot about my niece Bittu’s wedding. Akshu says I remember, Abhir and Abhinav are practicing dancing, I will pack food for them to take on the way. Parth scolds Shefali. She argues with him. She says everyone makes fun of me, let’s face it I put on makeup because… He slaps her. She says that I had to hide the marks of the wounds, to hide the truth of the relationship. He says stop giving me a chance to raise my hand. She scolds him.

He says stop playing the victim, you bring out the worst in me, I’m under a lot of pressure, try to understand, I’m not a monster, you know I’m a good husband. She gets Shivansh’s call and talks to him. She asks Parth to speak with her father. Parth also speaks. He says I’m sorry, you don’t piss me off over little things, I love you so you’re with me. She says I’m with you for Shivansh’s sake, I want him to get a family, but not for such a high price. She goes.

Akshu does the work. Abhir comes. He says you have to write a note to the teacher. She writes it. It says to write the names of both parents. She gives the book. He asks since when Abhimanyu is my father. She worries and says that sometimes you get angry with someone and you have his name in your head, I’m really angry, wait, I’m going to write a lot. It says to write my father’s name this time. She writes Abhinav’s name. He goes. Abhinav comes. He says I’ll wear the yellow pants, but I promise I won’t wear the yellow shirt. Akshu smiles. He says to pick clothes for me. She says I’m there. He says yes, you are there. He smiled. Abhi talks to Aarohi. She says you are staying in strange accommodation on exiting the hotel. He asks where Ruhi is. She says that Ruhi is upset with everyone. She asks if you picked up any old contacts at the conference, if you befriended a local or visited someone. He remembers Akshu. She asks if you are ok. He says to show reports to Anand and get a second opinion. He hears some sound. He says there’s some noise, I call him back. He sees people playing dhol. He sees Akshu dancing there. He closes his eyes and sees again. He sees Akshu, Abhinav and Abhir. He remembers his moments. Akshu mistakenly holds Abhi’s hand. They see each other. Abhinav comes. He says that fate brings us where we are supposed to find ourselves. He embraces Abhi. He says we have some connection or any relationship so we are meeting again and again. He says Akshara ji we meet your Dilwale Sir ji again. Akshu and Abhi greet each other. She prays that they stay apart.

Akshu asks Abhinav to keep Abhi away from her. She sees Abhi. She dances at the function. Abhi sees Abhinav seeing Akshu and smiling.

Update credit to: Pooja