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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins today with Goenkas being thrilled to learn that Sirat is expecting. Gayu questions Kartik and Sirat whether the report is accurate this time. Kairav questions Gayu what she was thinking when she asked the same question. He says he’s had already informed his friends that he’s going to be a super brother this time. Sirat hugs Kairav. Suhasini affirms that Lord Ganesh gave them joy before they left. Goenkas decide to take the opportunity to celebrate the moment. They dance in unison. Goenkas snap selfies.

The next morning Kartik discovers that Sirat had an unrestful night. He asks Sirat a reason. Sirat claims that earlier she would sleep in the way she wanted to but because of the her baby, she must rest straight. Kartik questions Sirat whom she told she should sleep straight.

Sirat tells her she is afraid that the baby gets displaced should she is sleeping in a slumber that is uncomfortable. Kartik tells Sirat that she is able to sleep as she wishes. He also asks Sirat whether she’ll go to boxing classes or not. Sirat insists that she won’t risk it. Kartik demands Sirat to be content and tell Sikander that she shouldn’t take part in the exercise.

This is where Kairav as well as Vansh chat with Akshu. They make a decision on whether this boy will arrive or girl. Kairav promises that he will cherish this baby with equal affection. Gayu, Swarna and Suhasini decides to bake desserts to Sirat.

Sirat come. She wants to purchase pregnancy books. Suhasini, Swarna, Gayu and Surekha are asking Sirat not to use the names of books on pregnancy and explain to her the way Kartik used to be strict Naira to read the books. Kartik is the one who takes charge of Sirat.


Manish stares at Sirat. Swarna speaks to Manish and shares her joy. Manish admits he worries about the baby since he is worried that Sheela’s blood may run through the baby too. He believes that the baby should be given an the same upbringing as Goenkas.

Then, Goenkas provide Sirat with all the love she desires. Sirat is happy because she knows that Gonekas have such a love for her. Meanwhile, Akshu about to fall. Sirat stops Akshu from falling off her stroller. Kartik and Swarna are scared when they see Sirat running.


Swarna demands Sirat to not let her fall asleep as for the in the first 3 months she must be extremely vigilant. She chooses to look after Akshu. Kartik side Swarna. Sirat complaint Kartik for siding Swarna. She demands Kartik to entertain her. Kartik seeks out ways to make her smile Sirat.


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