Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai January 21, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

The episode starts with the man asking someone to sing a song. Abhi says I will sing. He tells jokes about first love. The men laugh. He says I have memory problem, I can’t forget anything. He makes poetry. He asks how girls move so easily, I moved places too, I’ve seen my ex dancing and laughing with her gift, I feel different. Men laugh listening to his poetry. Akshu says no need to go back, Abhir and I are finally happy here, we don’t want any past history. Abhinav and Abhir are sleeping. Abhi says she was my life but now she is not. The man says you made us laugh so hard we cried. Abhi says that life made me cry so much that I laughed. Akshu is lying on the stairs and shivering from the cold. Abhi is also shivering from the cold. He sleeps on a bench. He wakes up and says Ruhi…. I don’t have my phone, she would have called me. Akshu sees the burnt jam pot. Abhinav arrives and asks how this happened. She says I forgot to turn off the stove. He asks why you were making jam at night. She says to deliver imp orders. He says it’s a big loss. The man says it’s a big loss for him, you should have told me sooner. Abi go. Abhinav says don’t worry we can use the jam jars we have, come on it’s too cold in here. Akshu thinks fire, tears and my anger, I couldn’t control anything, I have to control it now. Abhi says I’m her past, I won’t spoil her present. Abhinav fixes the clock.


Neela says there’s no need to stop the clock at home, they say the old days come back. Akshu says no, that can’t happen, I won’t let any of the past come back. He asks why you are feeling bad. Akshu worries. Abhinav says we will deal with it. Akshu says I’m going to fix this watch. Neela gives the food and goes to clean the jam jar. Akshu asks Abhinav not to take everyone home. He asks what happened, are you upset with Abhi. She says no, I was talking about us, we don’t need anyone, we can have a party for ourselves, don’t take any tourists home. He smiles and nods. He says we don’t need anyone, really, she has something in her heart for me. Akshu thinks of everything. She thinks Abhir and I are fine today because of Abhinav, I won’t let myself forget that. She writes a letter to Abhinav. She keeps it in the tiffin. Abhinav smiles. She thinks he has given his share of happiness to Abhir and me, why should I think about Abhi. Abhinav says I feel this could be true. He thanks Abhi. He says that since Abhi left, Akshu has been talking about us.

Manjiri pacifies Ruhi. They talk to Abhi via video call and make him do sit-ups. They laugh. He apologizes. Ruhi says okay why did you take my call you got some other friend. Abhi says he refused to name me. Manjiri asks who. He asks if you had breakfast and took medicine. She says yes, Ruhi is not eating, she was waiting for your call. He cries and apologizes. He says I’ll take what you say please eat. Ruhi says okay, I’ll send you a complete list. Abhi says I will come back tomorrow.

Ruhi says yes, the poppy comes back tomorrow. Mahima says the conference isn’t over yet. He says I have to go back, I miss you all. Mahima asks if you think the job is a joke. Manjiri says he never says that. Mahima says not to talk between us. She says Abhi, it’s imp for you to join the conference, you decide what to do. She goes. Abhi says she is right I have to attend the conference in Shimla. He calls the hotel reception and says I want to check out, book a taxi for me, I have to go to Shimla now. He leaves. Abhinav says our car is on that side, come on. Abhi says I have to go to Shimla by taxi from the hotel. Abhinav says I will leave you, it’s my job to get you to your destination. Abhi says fate has changed, I can’t go with you. Abhinav asks if I made a mistake. Abhi says no I can’t wait. Abhinav says wait, some mistake happened. Abhi says no. Abhinav asks if Abhir or Akshu has done anything. Abhi gets rude and scolds him. He gets a call and says I’m on my way, Rohan, send me the details. He leaves in the car. Abhinav worries. Abhi thinks why did I talk to him like that. Akshu says I should have told Abhinav the truth. Abhinav comes home. He says that Abhi has left. She asks what. He says yes, he left. She says you’re upset. He says I don’t know, I don’t think it’s good, I think he got hurt, I made a mistake or Abhir. She says no, guests and tourists come to leave, he had to go, he had imp work, so he left. Akshu takes the watch in for repair. Abhi comes to the same shop and asks for a cuckoo clock. Abhi sees the watch and asks the man to pack it well. He pays the money. The man asks if I should show his wife something. Abhi says no thank you. The man shows the special cuckoo clock. It says the musical alarm goes off at 11:11 am, we believe it’s shagun for lovers. Abhi says he is not interested. He sees Akshu there.

Akshu holds Abhi’s hand. Neela says you are going to attend this wedding. Abhinav asks Abhi to stop. Akshu says I don’t want this man in my life, keep Abhi away. She turns around and sees Abhi.

Update credit to: Pooja