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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kartik asks Sirat whether their child is safe. Goenkas is informed by Sirat that she is not pregnant. Kartik shouts at Sirat for lying. He refused to believe there was a child. Kartik requests Sirat to not lie and to tell him what she did with the child. Sirat reveals that it was a fake child.

Sirat is not believed by the Goenkas. Surekha claims it is a joke. Sirat claims that joke happened to him. Sirat is accused by Manish of aborting the baby. Sirat is questioned by Manish for denying the truth to all. Sirat defend herself. Kartik questions Sirat about whether she is correct and why she wrote that letter. Sirat reads the letter and tells Kartik that it has another part. She decides to locate the letter.

Kartik and Goenkas go with Sirat to her bedroom to search for the letter. Sirat finds the letter. Kartik and Goenkas are shocked. Sirat was shocked when he apologized to him. Sirat tells Kartik that she kept the truth secret because she was afraid her child would drift away from Kairav or Akshu. She weeps and wonders why God gave her false hope.

Swarna and Suhasini ask Sirat to not be sad, as she will soon receive good news. Goenkas get together to immerse Lord Ganesha idol. Akshilesh promises they will submerge Lord Ganesha idol and grow plants. Kairav claims it is environmentally-friendly. Goenkas pray for God. Further, Sirat faint. Sirat is under the care of Kartik and Goenkas.

Suhasini says Sirat might be pregnant. She asks Kartik if Sirat can be taken to the doctor. Kartik takes Sirat to a doctor. Duo gets good news. Sirat gets pregnant. Sirat and Kartik hear the heartbeat. Sirat denies that she is pregnant. Sirat is shown the sonography report by Dr. She congratulates Kartik and Sirat.


Sirat gets teary. Kartik hugging Sirat, he thanks God for giving them their happiness. Sirat worries if she will become Akshu or Kairav’s mom after the child arrives. Kartik tells Sirat to not worry, as they will handle everything.

Kartik and Sirat make it a point to tell Goenkas the good news in a unique way. Everyone receives a personalized T-shirt with the message “baby coming soon” Goenkas are happy to hear the good news.


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