Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai January 20, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

The episode starts with Abhi talking to Abhir and smiling. Abhir takes his hand and asks him to come. Akshu says come sit down Sir ji. Abhi sits down. Abhinav says my wife makes the best food. He serves the food. He asks Abhir to sit down, today is a party. Abhinav asks Abhi to eat. Abhi eats. Abhinav says that Akshu’s hands have magic, right. Abhi smiles and says I had this before, you gave me the tiffin. Abhinav says yes. Abhir says this has eggplant in it. Akshu and Abhinav say no this has a potato. Abhi and Akshu’s legs tremble with tension. Abhi starts coughing. Abhinav says I’m going to get water. Abhir takes care of Abhi. Akshu watches. Abhinav gives him water. He says if you are eating food like this how quickly your daughter would eat it. Abhi says Neil, my younger brother’s daughter, she also tells that to me. Abhinav says he takes care of her. Abhi says that when life takes something away from us, it breaks us. He indirectly provokes Akshu. Abhinav says I don’t understand anything, take the kheer, Akshara ji made it as you like. Abhi eats the kheer. Abhinav says I will serve a little longer. Abhi says no, enough, I’ll wash my hands. He goes to the bathroom. He washes his hands and face. He looks at himself in the mirror and smiles. He comes out and says thank you, I’m leaving now. Abhinav says you eat less food, I hope you ate well. Abhi says yes, my heart was moved. Abhir corrects his Hindi and teases. Akshu says not to talk to elders like that, that’s fine. Abhinav says to get the jam basket. Abhir understands. Abhinav says I don’t want you to go. She says let him go, he’s a great doctor, there’s going to be a lot of work. Abhi says it was beautiful, your family is very good, be happy always. Akshu says you too. Abhinav embraces Abhi. Abhi says bye sorry I forgot work I had to pay back old loan your money. Abhinav says you can give it later, you’ll be here for a few days. Abhi says the loan should be released soon. Abhinav says give it to Akshara ji, I also give it to her. Abhi hands the envelope to Akshu. Abhinav says I will leave you. Abhi says no I will. They wave to him. Abhi leaves. Abhinav says he’s a nice person, I don’t know why, he looked worried today. Abhi remembers Akshu. He opens the car window. The driver says the air is too cold. Abhi gets sad. Abhir asks Akshu to come to them. Akshu says I will never leave you, your good past is gone, no one will cross this border now. She closes the door. Abhi reaches his hotel room and thinks of Akshu. yes Rishta kya….play…

Abi cries. Abhinav says wow what a nice sweater your shawl is so beautiful. Abhir says my gift, yay. Abhinav said you liked it very much right Abhi is not a rude man he has no ego forgave Abhir returned our loan and also got gifts he is a good man. Abhir says it’s not bad. Abhinav says I think he has some strain at work, you go and put the money in Abhir’s fee box. Akshu cries. Abhir asks if I should go jogging. Abhinav says yes, but be careful. Abhir goes. Abhinav asks if you feel something bad, you look worried, tell me what it is. She says Abhimanyu… He says it’s about him, right, tell me. She says that her lord ji gave an extra amount. He says he is bad at calculations, maybe he gave it to our Abhir, whatever I have is enough for us, if I have anything from him then I give it back with respect, thanks for taking care of him, he was our guest, do you want say something else. She signs no. He counts the money. He says I’ll put some in the box and return the rest. Abhi starts to stumble. He gets some water. He runs out of the room. Ruhi calls him. Akshu makes the jam. She thinks of Abhi. She says I haven’t told Abhir’s truth to Abhi and Abhi’s truth to Abhinav, what should I do, I don’t understand anything. She cries.

Abhinav says I will drop you off at Shimla. Abhi says fate has changed, I have to change the path. He sees Akshu dancing somewhere. She holds his hand. He looks at her.

Update credit to: Pooja