Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai January 19, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

The episode starts with Abhir saying that Sir ji has arrived. Abhinav says we will go get the balloon. Akshu feels something. Abhinav says welcome sir ji… He sees someone and says Mishra ji stays on that side. The man thanks and leaves. Abhir says we have to inflate the balloons again. Abhimanyu calls Abhinav and apologizes, my patient is in critical condition, I have to supervise his surgery via video call, apologize to his family. Abhinav says that everything is fine. He says Sir ji cannot come he has an emergency. Akshu says it always brings harm to us, he has wasted food. Abhir says he is a dirty uncle. Akshu says he has all the faults. Abhir says we made so many preparations and he spoiled our party, naughty uncle. Abhinav says we are ready for the party, let’s play music and dance. Abhir plays music. They dance in Gallan Goodiyaan…. Abhinav says he apologized, he is a heart surgeon, he had to have an operation, he saves everyone, he is a hero in real life. Akshu remembers Abhi. She asks his name. He says what his name is… The light goes out. Abhir asks how are we going to play music now. Abhinav plays the song on the cell phone. They dance. Akshu dances. She sees Abhi at the door. She is shocked. Abhi is also shocked to see her. He turns and cries. He wipes away the tears. The lights come. Abhinav says welcome Sir ji. He introduces Abhimanyu. He says she is my wife Akshara. Abhi enters the house and sees his family pictures.

Abhinav says you do well to wear this scarf, these days the viral flu is reliving old pains. Abhir asks if he will take our belongings. Abhinav says no. He asks Abhi to sit down. Akshu goes and cries. Abhi and Akshu say why…. She remembers her words. Abhinav asks Akshu to come. Abhi says sometimes there is nothing to say. Abhinav says it’s a deep thing, you are silent today, think it’s your home and family. He asks Akshu to come. He goes with Abhir. Akshu gets Abhi a glass of water. He remembers her moments. They see each other. Abhir shows Abhi the welcome graphic. Abi smiles. Abhinav says tell him. Abhir says we feel blessed to have him here as our guest. Abhinav says he studies in middle english, he won this trophy because of his injection, he will really become a doctor if you bless him. Abhi thanks and blesses Abhir.

Abhir says I am Dr. Abhir. Abhi says his name is lovely. Abhir says it is done by joining the names of the mother and father, I am a boy then Abhir, if I am not a girl then Abhira. Akshu apologizes on his behalf. Abhi says it’s ok, I don’t remember old stuff. She says you must remember, otherwise the same things happen. Abhir gives an apology card. He asks for gifts. The man receives the gifts. Abhi says that one who makes a mistake, if he apologizes, the matter can be over, like you did, we can start again. He presents them. They say thank you. Abhir asks if I should see the present. Akshu signs no. Abhi sits down. Abhinav asks why this formality, people become family in 5 minutes here. Abhi says yes it takes time to become a stranger. Abhinav says wow you speak in poetry Akshara ji you got it. Akshu says no. Abhi says one has to try to understand. She says to explain too. Abhinav says, say this, what you call a man with no body and just a nose. Abhir shakes Abhi’s hand and says think. Abi laughs. Akshu recalls the past. Abhinav says nobody knows. He says Akshara ji, I spoke in English. She says yes, good. She goes to the kitchen. Abhinav asks Abhi to wash his hands. He says the food is delicious, why are you going out, going to wash your hands. Abhir takes Abhi. Akshu says if Abhir says anything… Abhinav says no they will become friends. She says he is her son. He says yes. Abhi looks around. He washes his hands. Akshu thinks I am silent because of Abhinav, this night is hard for me.

Abhi sits down to eat. Abhi talks to Abhinav about his life. Akshu watches. Abhi eats the food. Abhinav says that her hands have magic. Abhi says I have eaten this food before.

Update credit to: Pooja