Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Surekha asks Sikandar why they seem so hesitant about getting married. Sikandar wants to know if I can leave. Kartik replies, “Sorry, I’m sorry. You continue the practice. Sirat, are you right?” Sirat nods. He leaves. Sikandar is asked by her to disclose his fees. It’s expensive. Sikandar says it’s costly. She smiles. Kartik said that sometimes, this is what happens to her. Manish said that he would like to do the same. Kartik claims Sirat has a new coach. Manish said, “I want to help you bring Ranvir’s final truth out. This is for our family and not Sirat.” Kartik thanked him. Manish asked Kartik if he thought of the best way to proceed. Kartik replies that Ranvir’s doctor will be meeting us tomorrow. It is morning, Kartik claims that Kairav slept here once more, and that his habit is now ruined.

Sirat claims he’s not. He said, “Get ready, I will meet Akshu.” She said Manish is kind-hearted and agreed to help. He said yes, and we can now concentrate on the outside battle. He looks at the water on the ground. She slips. He holds her. Lamha lamha…plays…. She thanks me for saving her. He said, “Thanks for falling here. If you fell in the bathroom, I couldn’t have saved you.” She moves on. He tells me what happened to him. I must control my emotions. Surekha believes they show all that is normal outside of the room. I will reveal the truth. She claims that blanket is on the couch. Kairav wakes her up and asks if she sleeps here. Kairav replies yes. Kairav asks her who sleeps on the couch. He says dad. She wants to know where Sirat sleeps. He said she sleeps on the floor and on the bed. It keeps her back strong. We all sleep on the same bed. But I kick them so much that I go to sleep alone. She leaves. Sirat arrives and witnesses Kairav’s fall. She holds him. She calls him to get up and go to school. He is embraced by her. Surekha claims they are not sleeping together, Kairav is in their bedroom, and they are hiding something.

Sirat and Kartik meet the doctor. Kartik questions how the report was changed. You told us about bullet poisoning. Doctor replies that he doesn’t know and I was not there. Kartik asks the doctor to assist them in finding out who made this false report. Doctor apologizes. I will get the information and call you. I need to go to the surgery right now. Sirat and Kartik have to go. She said that she was relieved to talk to the doctor. He said that we cannot rely on the doctor. The doctor sees them moving. He calls Chauhan. He claims that Sirat and Kartik came to me and asked for my help. If they find out that this fake report was made on my saying then… Kartik promises us we will prove Chauhan wrong. Doctor claims that I told you my name should not be dragged. Chauhan claims that I asked you to not come back so quickly. Doctor said that my property problem was still ongoing. I will be back tomorrow to discuss it. Chauhan says tomorrow. Kairav will be visited by Sirat and Kartik. Kairav said that I was giving rakhi gifts to Akshu. Kartik likes this painting. He said he would help. Kairav said no. Sirat makes fun of Kartik. He said, “Don’t challenge me. Otherwise I will make your paintings now.” She responds, “I challenge you.” Kairav asks Kartik to try it. Kartik agrees. Sirat questions Kartik about why he is afraid. Sirat replies that he is not afraid of anyone and will accept the challenge. She poses. He said, “Stand first.” Kartik does the painting. He says done. Kairav said so quickly, show me. Kartik believes that Kairav will be the one to see it. Kairav comments, “Wow, that’s a great painting. Come and see Sirat.” Sirat notices a poor painting and asks Sirat if he can make it look like this. Kairav giggles. Kartik affirms that the nose is the same. She paints his face with colour. He said it was fine. He also runs for her. She also runs. They play and laugh with Kairav. Dadi and Surekha look on. Dadi is happy.

It’s morning. Vansh said that Akshu doesn’t know how to tie the thread. Our rakhi could fall. Kairav said yes, but it is possible to tie it. Gayu promises that I will tie the thread correctly. Kartik sees Sirat coming. It’s all about the love ….plays… Kairav questions where you are. Kartik replies that there is no problem. Kirti and I will solve it. Kirti forgot to buy Kirti the gift. Surekha believes that your focus should be on your wife. Why would you think about a sister? Kartik believes I am getting distracted. I must focus on my family and children. Gayu asks the children if Vatsal has woken up. She said that she had made kheer to Naksh. He liked Naira’s kheer, and no one gets such an elder brother. Sirat says few people don’t get ever. Gayu asks Gayu to tie rakhi with Naksh. Kartik gives her the message. He asks if he can buy Kirti a watch. Gayu receives Naksh’s voice message …. Sorry Kirti and me can’t make it, we are very upset about Kartik getting remarried. They have kept a lot from us. I miss Naira a lot. Please come whenever you find the right. Manish claims he blames us for others’ mistakes. Surekha believes that this was inevitable. Anyone would feel guilty. Suwarna claims that this did not happen well. Manish claims that some relationships are like this, and it joins once but breaks everything.

Sirat believes Kirti isn’t coming. This is not true. Naksh looks at Naira’s picture. Kirti asks did we do right. Naksh replies that he always supported Kartik. He has also hidden something. I asked Gayu to come home and tie her rakhi. You can go if she wants. Sirat arrives and tells Kartik not to get upset. Naksh requests her to leave. She tells him to stop punishing him. He begs her to go. He becomes angry and starts to get up to leave. Sirat holds onto his hand. Naksh warns him not to tie his rakhi. She said Kartik and me didn’t get married. We will let everyone know after five days. Kirti questions if this is a game. Sirat replies that it is a fight. We have to face hidden opponents. They are dangerous, they strike family members, and we feel the pain. It is not easy for Kartik. He knows the truth and believes he will bring out the truth. Kirti claims she understands, but it is a big lie. How will this affect Kairav? Sirat claims he knows all.