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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode of today begins in Suhasini asking Swarna not to be angry by Prabhas” word. She says Prabha was upset and therefore she said the things. Swarna tells Suhasini that when she treated the time to look at her as well as Sirat side she felt great. Suhasini informs Swarna that the family will never find a great mother like her or Sirat. Swarna hugs Suhasini. In the time, Sirat learns English from Kairav. Gayu is curious to know Sirat why she is studying English. Sirat insists that she wants to play internationally, therefore she must be fluent in English. Gayu smile. Kartik comes and asks Sirat whether she’s okay. Swarna and Suhasini inquires Sirat what transpired to her. Sirat believes it was because of the lack of sleep, she fainted.

Swarna puts the dinner plates on the table. Sirat feels nausea. Manish is asking if food choices will be judged at home. Sirat apologizes and suggests that it could be due to the medication she has taken, she is experiencing nausea. Then, Sirat feed food to Akshu. Kairav is asking Sirat for food, too since they have two hands. Sirat feed both. Swarna asks Sirat if she doesn’t mind Akshu wearing Kirti’s dess. She also says that the dress is meant to protect Akshu from the evil eye. Sirat insists that she won’t think about it. Swarna demands Sirat to go to the store and take the clothes out of the store room.

Kartik meets Sirat and falls in love with her. Sirat is introduced to Shubham. Kartik explain the story of how Swarna is hiding from Shubham to him as well as Keerti to ensure that they never be complicated because of Shubham. Sirat says don’t Swarna miss Shubham. Kartik insists to Sirat that Swarna will never reveal on her face just how much they would love Shubham. Sirat asks how Shubham died. Kartik inform her that after Shubham learned that Swarna quit him, and he began taking drugs. Because of the overdose of drugs , he passed away. Kartik is requesting Sirat not to dwell on Shubham very much.

Swarna questions Surekha what made her decide to support Prabha regarding the talk with her step-mother. She claims Sirat may have felt bad. Sirat has a monopoly on Swarna along with Surekha. Surekha states to Swarna that she’s millionaire in one, but they shouldn’t be expecting Sirat to be equal in quality. She also adds that post Sirat will have her own baby, she will not be able to see Kairav along with Akshu.

Sirat interrupts Surekha and tells her not to think over Kairav and Akshu since she’ll never overlook the two. She says that due to Mauri’s background, she has good morals in her. Then, Sirat learns she is expecting a baby. She is thrilled. Sirat is able to recall the words of Surekha, and resisted talking about the news with Kartik.


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