Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Sirat begins the Episode by saying that she will ask the judge for punishment. She claims punishment for what she didn’t think for Goenkas. Ranvir and Maudi never achieved their dreams. I ask you all to put your questions on hold for one week so that you can get the answers. She leaves. Chauhan believes you cannot prove your innocence. Sirat said I would prove my innocence and return your respect. Kartik tried to explain this to me for a while, but I couldn’t understand. Your respect is linked with my innocence. Just bear this for one week, then everything will be fine. Kartik believes she is correct. Suwarna requests Manish to allow them some time. Manish invites Suwarna to break the fast. Dadi states that this relationship is for your entire life, and you cannot let it end. Sirat states that we will perform rasam in our own room. We don’t want anyone to be disturbed. Kartik tells Dadi not to feel sorry, as already much has been done. Dadi says fine, you can go. Suwarna, Surekha perform the Teej Puja.

Manish and Akhilesh break fasts. Kairav captures them. Kartik visits Sirat and requests food. She responds, “I am very hungry. Where is your plate?” He promises he will get it later. She questions why you didn’t have any. He said that Dadi had kept the food on the same plate and I would have it later. She questions him about why he said that Dadi kept our food on the same plate. He says you can share it with me. He said it would get less for you and you’d feel hungry at night. She promises that we will see it happen. They eat together. Kairav tells Kairav that he will take the photos to his room. Akshu cries. Kairav stops. Kartik claims you can prove your innocence. Sirat said that I was worried about you and your family. This family was in turmoil. I wish everything goes well. We tell everyone the truth about fake marriage. Kairav is shocked to hear this and wants fake marriage.

He said Akshu was crying a lot. Kartik claims Kairav is actually Sirat. Sirat said we wouldn’t lie now. Kartik visits Akshu. Kairav asks if you are joking. Sirat says no. Kairav questions if you are married. Sirat replies that we must hide certain things because truth might hurt. She claims she was right. He said that he really wanted the marriage of your dad and me to occur, as I had begun painting our picture. He hugs her and she says sorry. She said that we gave you hope and that we broke your heart. He said, “Don’t feel guilty. I will ask Lord to fulfill all my wishes.” She said, “You are very nice.” He thanks and asks if he can go back to the case. She smiles. He said, “I won’t stop” and she nodded.

He is embraced by her. He tells her that he loves him. She tells him that I love you very much, but it is impossible to do anything about it. He said that he would pray for you. An angel brought me to you. I will ask the angel if he can help you find the person who will make you happy. Kartik watches. She smiles and says, “No need. But thanks.” He wishes him all the best. He returns to his bedroom and weeps thinking about Sirat. Kartik arrives and hugs him. He apologizes. Kairav asks did I say right. Kartik replies that my son is brave and also smart. You didn’t think about yourself but others. I’m very proud of you. Kairav states that he will pray to Krishna Ji for her never leaving us. Kartik hugs him. Kairav falls asleep. Sirat said that he didn’t have to explain much. He understood. I will sleep in his bedroom. Kartik says okay, good night. Suwarna arrives and tells Kartik that Akshu is in my bedroom, so let her sleep there. Is Sirat also sleeping here? Sirat said yes Kairav was insisting. Suwarna said that he was asleep. Kartik must go. Kartik goes.

Sirat says Kartik, and I… Suwarna replies that she knows, but your marriage was done in a hurry. But when you have a relationship, live it. Then go to your bedroom and sleep. She takes Sirat. Gayu stops Sirat, and tells Kartik that Sirat is her sister. Kartik, give me nek, then Sirat will go in. Kartik tells her to take nek tomorrow. She is too tired. Gayu claims you worry so much for her, I was just joking. I don’t want to take nek, just keep them together. Suwarna and Gayu leave. Kartik asks Sirat if she would like to sleep on the bed. She said no, Sirat, you can sleep on the bed. One who sleeps on jail ground can also sleep anywhere. He said sorry, I couldn’t get out of jail. She responds that he didn’t mean it. He says he got bail for her, so go to sleep. He asks her to lie down on the bed. They argue. They get in bed together. It’s all about love…plays