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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Kartik telling Kartik that Sirat did it by watching the Rangoli tutorials. Is that right. Sirat affirms that he did. Dadi insists Sirat to prepare Rangoli daily. Kartik promises to make it twice daily. Sirat promises to test it. He tells you to promise that you’ll give it a shot. Sirat says that I’ll prepare and be there. She gets ready. Dadi says Surekha prepare the puja dish ready. Surekha says that no, my nails are going to break. Dadi says cut your nails and don’t have to do anything and just paint the plate. Kartik says that he will be there. Dadi wants to know when you learn how to make good Rangoli I am able to discern emotions from eyes. He tells me to get ready and be there. He runs. She smiles and prays. Suwarna and Manish are getting ready. She claims that Ganpati is going to bring joy into the house, and we need to strive to be joyful. Manish insists that you shouldn’t expect this from me, as I don’t have the desire to do so. She claims that when Naira arrived in Kartik’s world and you weren’t a fan of her. When the miscommunication was resolved, she earned her mark within your hearts. He claims that she was Naira but it’s Sirat and there’s a huge distinction. She states that Sirat will also create her own space. He claims I’m worried about those who have expectations of her, what would happen when their expectations are not met.

Kartik and Sirat get the Ganpati. Manish and Suwarna perform the Aarti. Everyone dances to Tu hi ganesha …. Kairav’s teacher rings. Sirat answers. She is at Kairav. She inquires if it’s actually a half-day at school. Kairav confirms it. Kartik is curious about what transpired. She says that Kairav’s teacher called her, she was angry that the kids had disappeared at lunch. There was no half-day or power line issues and they both skipped classes. Kartik asks did you two lie to us. Kairav and Vansh apologize. Sirat says that I was sure that you all understood and attended school. Kairav apologizes, saying we’ve made an error. Sirat claims I’ve have repeatedly asked you questions to lie but you didn’t believe it was incorrect, everybody trusts both of you. Kartik claims that we did not believe this information from you. Kairav you refer to us as your closest friends, and will you be lying to us. Kairav apologizes. Sirat says I’m not going to talk. Kairav promises that it won’t occur once more. He embraces her. Everyone is asking Sirat to forgive the children. Sirat apologizes, I’m not willing to be a burden for them. They’ve lied several times in the days leading up to puja. Manish says that children learn from the things they see around. Sirat says I won’t listen. Kairav apologizes. Kartik tells him that you can’t go to any events now, so return to the room. He will take his children.

Suwarna requests Sirat to accept their apology. Sirat insists that we admit their mistakes and apologize. Surekha claims she doesn’t know how to raise kids. anger causes them to distance themselves from their parents. She doesn’t care. Kairav isn’t really her child. She is arguing. Suwarna demands that she put it down. Surekha claims that not everyone is exactly like us, but we are able to know the pain of our children as she made them cry over a minor problem, then she scolded the kids and then sent them off. Sirat claims you got it correctly, I’m his stepmum, and I know what is right and right for him, a mother is aware of this all the time as I learn about new things with them. I understand the value of a mother’s knowledge well. an actual mother is also one who scolds a child. Maudi used to be a loving mother and punish me for doing mistakes, she did not have a different view of me? am aware of the distinction between the right and wrong, and I would like to impart this knowledge to my kids. I’m hurt more than Kairav I know this is what is best for Kairav who will never repeat my mistake. My goal is correct, and I’m proud of it.

Suwarna is asking Surekha to clear this thought out of her head. Dadi affirms that you shouldn’t repeat it again. Gayu affirms that Sirat taught her the true significance of a mother. moms shouldn’t lose their eyes when she is in love. She should be firm. Akhilesh admits that he is embarrassed for you Surekha. Surekha claims that I was thinking it was her first wedding celebration and it was a small issue, but she turned it into an issue for all the kids who returned home for puja. I’m not sure if that’s not right, but if kids are unhappy in a household that isn’t happy, then Lord does not feel happy. Kairav declares Sirat will not talk to me. It’s our fault. Vansh wants to know how we can apologize, and if we can come with me. Sirat finds sorry notes all over the place. Kairav stands on her ears and says sorry. She heads to her room and becomes angry. Kartik insists that you’re making yourself feel guilty rather than him. Kartik says it was my fault I was unable to win his trust. He also says that I could affirm the same thing. She claims that you are his father, and If you make him feel bad and they see your affection, and my concern appears as a drama from the stepmum. She breaks down crying.


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