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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The Episode begins with Sirat holding Kairav. Kartik asks Kairav if Kairav is okay. Kairav replies that Sirat saved him. Suwarna says Gayu. We will go get snacks. Kartik thanks Sirat. She also said Kairav was her son. He said that he m thankful you came into our lives and ended our loneliness. My children will be happy now. They will be safe. I used to be tensed at work, but now I feel relieved. She said that now they have a mom. Suwarna claims it’s the last cup cake. Kairav and Kartik say that they want it. Kartik requests him to accept it. Kairav replies that he will not accept anyone’s favor. Suwarna jokes. Kartik wants to know how we will win it. Gayu and Vansh tell Kartik about a contest to choose the best cupcake and win it. Kairav and Kartik argue over the cupcake.

Vansh claims Sirat will decide. She is the referee. Sirat declares Kairav the winner. Kairav said it was my cupcake. Kartik says it’s partiality. She wants to know why. He says good decision. She examines the meaning of partiality. Kartik suggests taking the side of someone. She replies, “I will take the side of my children, Kairav gave me all this.” He claims he loves him and not me. She said that I love you but I love him more. He said that I feel more love when you tell me this. Kairav said that he loves you both. Kartik promises that everything will be alright. He hugged them. The candles blow out.

Akhilesh is awake and asking why you are making sweets in the early morning. Suwarna claims that you won’t have breakfast until bhog. It is Ganesh chaturthi today. Children come. Kairav hugging Sirat. Surekha asks Dadi about mahurat. Dadi tells Surekha that pandit will call them and tell them everything will go according to mahurat. Sirat wants to know if I can make Ganesh idol at my home. Suwarna wants to know if you have any experience in making it. Sirat replies that it was possible, but Maudi did not have the money. We used to make Ganpati every year. Dadi agrees that it is a good thing. Dadi receives pandit’s message.

She tells mahurat. She asks sirat if she can make it happen soon. Sirat agrees. Kairav claims that we won’t be going to school today. Vansh insists that Ganpati must be welcomed. Gayu says don’t miss classes. They ask Sirat what he thinks. Manish suggests that they have fun, Kartik. Kartik said that it was fine, but only for one day. Sirat says no. You don’t have to miss whole classes. You can go home to do puja and your exams are coming. Sirat also suggests that you take a break if you are ill or have urgent work. Sirat is correct, Kartik says don’t look at Sirat. Sirat tells them to smile, it will make them happy. Suwarna promises that you’ll also get chocolate modak. Children go. Manish said that it was fine for them to miss a day of school. He goes. Kartik signs Sirat.

Sirat asked if you felt bad. Kartik replies that the children are yours too. She claims that I didn’t finish my education and regretted a lot. I don’t want them regretting it later. He said, “Thanks for saving me from my guilt. Your name will be Inspector Sirat.” She responds, “fine, let’s go.” He kisses her, and she goes. It’s all about love ….plays… Sirat creates an idol. She asks, “What did I do?” If Ganesh were to want to be here in this avatar, she would say, “What did I do?” She colors the idol. She colors the idol and thanks him. She said that if you support us, everything will be good. She asks, “What’s the smoke?” She imagines a baby in an empty basket. She claims that this baby isn’t Akshu or Vatsal. She invites the baby to come. She gives her baby a hug. Kairav asks Kairav why you are calling me a baby. Kairav appears to her.

He said that he loves me because he went to school with you. She said that I love you always, but you came so soon. Vansh claims there was an issue with the powerline and they sent us home. Sirat claims they should have informed them. Kartik questions how they got home. She said they had only been gone for half a day. Kartik says good. She believes it is wrong to send children without informing. He said he would call the teacher. Children worry. Vansh claims the driver was there so we promised to go. Kairav claims that we wanted to help the teacher. Dadi says Ganesh ji got them home. She tells the children to get ready for school. Sirat looks at Kairav. She asks if you are hiding anything from us. Kairav doesn’t answer.

She plans to call her teacher tomorrow. Dadi asks how did you make bal ganesh. Sirat replies that he doesn’t know how it was made. Dadi suggests that he might want to return home in this avatar. The idol is beautiful. Cover it and you’ll be making Rangoli. Kairav said that if anyone finds out, they will make fun of us. Vansh suggests that you make sure no one else knows. Suwarna arrives and tells you that you will be scolded. They are worried.

Kartik questions why you are so worried. Sirat claims that the school teacher should have called. Kartik claims that she will call the teacher. Kairav and Vansh aren’t lying. She said yes. Suwarna states that we have counted modaks, and if any modak is less than the others, we will know who it was. You can prepare to come. She moves.

Surekha said that she doesn’t know if Sirat would make rangoli. Dadi claims she made a beautiful idol and can make rangoli too. Please stop filling your ears with her. They are awestruck by the beauty of rangoli. Surekha said you told Gayu you didn’t know how to make it. Sirat claims Lord blessed me. Kartik claims that Lord sent his assistant in order to assist Sirat. Sirat remembers making Rangoli. She replies, “I can’t do this.” Surekha hears her and runs. Kartik is there to assist her. Bandhan aise banjaate hai….plays…. Sirat and Kartik make rangoli. He hugged her. FB ends. They smile.


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