Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

The Episode begins with everyone dancing to Mann me hai . Everyone is dancing and celebrating. Manish receives a call. He leaves. Dadi says that Sirat and Kartik had to be united, as their relationship was established by Lord long before. Dadi gives Akshu Sirat. Dadi promises that we will be able to perform a final ritual in which every suhaagan will wear the jewellery of your Maayka. Kartik takes Akshu to Sirat. Sirat goes to Nani and weeps. Dadi asks if there is any trouble. Sirat says no. Dadi presents the jewellery. Sirat said no, this is too much for me. Dadi said it wasn’t from your Nani but she chose it. We didn’t know that this would happen. She blesses Sirat. Sirat looks at Sirat. They hear some noise. They hear the media troubling. Manish claims that they had some peace, but now it has started all over again. Sirat and Kartik are questioned by reporters about their relationship.

Manish asks Kartik for his answers now. They argue. Akhilesh claims she was defamed for us. Surekha claims Kartik made Surekha his wife and brought her here. If she is defamed, we will be defamed as well. Akhilesh claims that I have changed my number three times in six months. What should I do? Local news channels are calling. Dadi said that whatever happens, we should all stand with Sirat. I know and believe she is innocent. She is the bahu of Goenka families, so nothing should happen. Suwarna claims that we all know Kartik is innocent and Sirat is innocent. We should not be afraid to stand by them. Dadi claims that we fought for Kartik in the past, and now we will fight to protect Kartik and Sirat. Manish questions why we will fight. It is a forced relationship. Kartik says Sirat is part of the family and when there’s a problem, the family stands together.

Manish said that now you can remember the family. He says where was the family when Ranvir promised you and you married her? You just wanted to be great. He apologizes Maa, Suwarna, and I will be leaving the house. No one needs us. Surekha says that Akhilesh will leave the house with me and Surekha agrees. Suwarna says that we won’t leave, but that we will remain here and give it some time. Everything will be fine. Manish says that you can stay here. You decide if you want your husband or Kartik or Sirat to stay. Gayu and Dadi worry. Kartik believes this is unfair. Manish claims you are unfair to your father and family. We won’t stop you, you don’t stop us. Dadi claims you’re doing the same thing over and over again. Where will your mum be in the partition? Manish claims that I am not doing partition, but giving up my rights. Kartik is now the head of the family, and he will make all decisions. I will name the business to Kartik, and will I tell media that Kartik owns everything while Manish has nothing? They hear the media screaming. Manish claims that you have broken the family. Dadi claims that this will not happen until I’m alive. I can do anything after my death. Suwarna believes that you won’t be able to say it, but there will be a solution. Dadi claims that everyone is contributing to the problem.

Manish states that Kartik made a decision, and this will endanger the house. He requests Kartik to keep this in mind. Everyone goes. Sirat tells Kartik, don’t ruin your family relationships for my sake. Kartik asks are you fine. She replies that she doesn’t feel well. He said, “Look at me.” He says, “Look at me.” She opens the door to see media at the date. She closes the door. He said that there was media outside. Please stay at home. She runs out the back door. She is seen by the media and they run to her. She is questioned by the media. The family watches. Sirat recalls Kartik’s words. The reporter questions if Kartik wanted Ranvir to get out of his way so that he could leave the boxing team. Chauhan watches Sirat on the news. He believes your fate is dire, and the media will do my job. The reporter questions Ranvir about this secret and asks if he knew it was the reason for his death. Also, Goenkas own other businesses, how much black cash do they have? Or is Kartik just favoring you here? Sirat, Kartik, and everyone are shocked. Sirat grabs the microphone and shouts enough. Kartik welcomes back Sirat, don’t worry now, tell them who you are. Sirat claims that the murder case against me is running on my head, but don’t say a word about Goenkas.

Chauhan hears her. Sirat questions her about what she wants to know. Sirat asks if you remember the end of your questions.