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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kartik says you cannot become Naira because you’re Sirat Mary Kom Goenka. Everyone watches. He apologizes.

Kairav says he has accepted you as Sirat. Kairav gives her tissues. Kairav says he has two mummas, Naira Devki and Sirat Yashoda. He loves both of them, but if I had made a comparison between you and Naira then I’m sorry. I miss Naira so much that I felt God gave me my mom back. Sirat cries. Kartik wipes away her tears. He asks if she understands now or if he will make everyone say it. We want our real Sirat. Sirat hugs Kartik. Gayu, Suwarna, and Dadi smile. Kartik says it’s fine. Sirat runs away and apologizes. Sirat goes upstairs. Kids go along. He questions you about what has happened to Sirat, Sirat wanted Naira to be his, Naira is gone, so please don’t try to find her in other people. Suwarna insists that it is not like that. He asks, “Did you not expect Sirat would become Naira?” I asked him not to compare them. Suwarna claims that we didn’t do this, I’m sorry, I didn’t know this would occur. Dadi claims that I praised her for doing things like Naira. I wasn’t sure she would try to be Naira. Kartik claims that I am also to blame, she didn’t understand why.

Manish claims she is wrong to believe she can be like Naira. We didn’t ask her to be Naira. I asked her not try to become Naira. Kartik believes that her family would accept her if Naira is her role model. Manish believes so, but her mum injected poison into her brain. Suwarna, Dadi both agree that he is correct, and we are all to blame. Kartik claims it is my fault, I promised to keep him happy, but I was unable to motivate her. Akhilesh claims that things are now clear. Gayu claims she will understand it now. Kartik denies that she would understand it now. Sirat recalls Kartik’s words. She said that the family found Naira in her, and they should accept her. Kairav said Sirat looks perfect. Kids get her downstairs. She asks, “Why is it so dark here?” She looks at her pictures on the screen. Suwarna claims that the girl is Sirat. We didn’t know this miracle could happen. Although we knew the face, our heart wasn’t. This relationship has grown stronger, and you are more precious than a daughter.

Dadi believes that Sirat received a lot from the house. I know Sirat’s contribution to the house was precious. You taught Kartik how to live again. Gayu claims that everyone gained something from your presence, Gayu said, “I got my sister back, I received much love and support from you.” Akhilesh said that you don’t have to be Naira. This house needs Sirat and not Naira. Vansh believes you’re cool and can box. Kairav said that when I first met you, I called your mumma. But, I thought well, God gave us a momma. Akshu would have agreed, and he would have said, “We have the best mumma.” Akshu says Maa…. Everyone is surprised. Sirat says, “Speak that again.” Akshu says Maa. They all smile. Sirat hugs Akshu. Yes, rishta ….plays… Kartik claims everyone loves Sirat here. Sirat claims that I did not give any rights to Kairav and you, but I received a gift in return. Kairav says Akshu made Sirat happy. Kartik believes that you must be happy in order to make others happy. She said, “Yes, you are correct, Sirat had been lost.”


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