Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kartik says that we will focus on the fight and win, everything will change with time. He goes. Kairav says I forgot it’s Teej. It will be fun today, we will sing and dance, delicious food will be prepared. Kartik Recalls Naira. Kairav asks if Sirat kept a fast for Kartik. Kairav screams Manish. Kairav asks Kairav if he said anything wrong. Manish says No, sorry, I reacted to someone’s anger on you. Kairav says I thought you had scolded me because I didn’t call Sirat as Mumma. I don’t know if she will like it, but we will go to school now. Vansh and Kairav are both leaving. Manish Taunts Kartik. Kartik Argues with Him. Dadi asks them to stop it, end the matter here, they can fight after she dies. She said it would be my decision, and I agreed. Sirat says Kartik already has problems with him, Kartik could stay away and keep his promise, but no. Kairav comes with a gift. Kairav says it’s a gift for you.

Sirat Gets A Dress. He says he got this dress from Gayu. We will be glad if you wear it. She thinks she can explain you. He says he can’t wear this. Dadi comes and asks her to get ready fast for puja. She says, “I Expect You to Support Me Now. Did You Eat Since Morning?” Sirat Signs No. Dadi shows the Sindoor and Jewellery. She says that if you are keeping Kartik first fast, you should do Shringhaar Of A Suphaagan. Kairav and Dadi Leave. Sirat Cries.

Kartik Comes And Sees Her. He says that family keeps hope from you. She asks if you understand this. He says that this is a game and will end. Sirat asks, “How are you taking this easy?” He says that a fighter must fight in the ring any way. She asks if the opponent is a family member. He says that even then, you have to fight, our match has started, and you have no choice but to continue fighting. She says fighters don’t play with emotion, did you see Kairav? Kartik Says He Is Sensible, He Will Understand. She recalls Nani’s words. She says, “I will play this match, I will live this lie, they will hate me when they know the truth.” He asks if you thought well. She says, “Let me keep the lie well. Else there is fear of getting the lie caught.” He asks and shows sindoor.

Gayu says that if Sirat comes, I don’t know how Manish will react. Dadi says I can’t change the family traditions. She believes Sirat will inevitably come. Sirat gets ready and thinks of Ranvir. Everyone Waits For Her. Surekha says she would have come if she wanted. Kairav Says I Will Call Her. Sirat Comes. Gayu Asks Kids To Get Ready And Come. Manish says that if this girl attends the puja, then I won’t be here, Suwarna can break her fast. Sirat is forced to leave. Dadi Stops Her. She says, “If anyone’s puja is incomplete, then I will go to Ashram and never come back, we will keep the relations, come Sirat.” Kairav and Vansh, Get Ready To Come. Kartik says we must do everything well. Kartik and Sirat Pray and Do the Aarti.

Kartik Apologizes If He Did Any Mistake. Her Maang Tika Moves. Kartik sees her and thinks if anyone else sees that she didn’t apply Sindoor then. He says Sirat …. She makes The Maang Tika right. Kartik Gets A Message. He recalls Indira’s words. He thinks it’s a shame that society decides for us, but we have to change it. Dadi asks them to come for Rasam. Kairav Asks Sirat To Come. Dadi explains the Rasam to Sit on The Swing and Say Some Poetry with Their Husband’s name. Suwarna and Surekha do The Rasam. Kairav asks Sirat to say something positive about Kartik. Dadi asks Sirat if you think well. Sirat says he worries for everyone and shows the path, he gives me a will to live, Kartik is his name, spreading happiness is his work. Dadi Claps.