Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th February 2021 Upcoming Story: SIRAT TO MEET GOENKA'S FAMILY

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th February 2021 Upcoming Story: SIRAT TO MEET GOENKA’S FAMILY

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The episode starts with Kartik convincing Kairav to move on happily with Naira’s memories. Kartik explains to Kairav that he has checked Sirat’s background and found that there is only one thing common in Naira and Sirat that is their face, nothing else. He explains that Sirat is different from Naira.

Kartik hugs Kairav, Kairav says that he knows that Naira is gone on some mission and will come back to him once the mission is over. Kartik tries to explain to Kairav that they have to live life the way Naira used to. Naira used to find happiness in every small thing. She used to plan picnics, draw smileys on food, and taught everyone to find happiness in everything.

Kartik and Kairav plan for a basketball match at Goenka Villa. Vansh takes Kairav with him and Rhea comes to Kartik and starts talking about Sirat. Kartik explains that she is not like Naira, only her face is like Naira. Rhea thinks that if Sirat looks like Naira then it is easy for Sirat to enter Kartik’s life. Rhea gets a little annoyed.

Sirat and Rohan leave to meet the Goenka family to apologize. On the way, Sirat’s bottle drops down on the road. She asks Rohan to stop the bike and there she finds her bracelet on the road which Kartik had thrown last night. Rohan tries to explain to her that many people must be having the same bracelet but she gets excited.

Gayu reaches to play basketball and asks which team to select. Suddenly she wears a shirt with Naira’s name and makes her team. On seeing this scenario, everyone in the Goenka family stands shocked.

Sirat and Rohan reach Goenka’s house, Sirat decides to go back but Rohan convinces her. When Gayu looks at Sirat, she hugs her and insists Sirat come inside. Everyone is struggling to make Akshu happy and suddenly Rhea suggests that Akshu needs a mother who can handle her. Kartik asks Rhea to stop talking like this and make it difficult for everyone to handle her.

Gayu runs to Kartik and asks him to stop Naira as she will go otherwise. Everyone looks at Sirat shockingly. Kartik tries to explain to Gayu to not talk all this in front of Kairav as he will get disturbed again. He also explains that Sirat only looks like Naira, she is not Naira. But Gayu refuses to listen to Kartik. Everyone in Goenka’s family is stunned after seeing Sirat and is completely in a state of shock.