Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist.

Sirat said that you had to lie to the family. I am sorry. Kartik says don’t worry about my Naira, she won’t be upset with us, she knows we will do everything for our family betterment, and that this was something we had agreed to. She says that I wasn’t married to Ranvir at the time, so I was not blamed, and your family didn’t hate me. He says, “How does it matter, situation is tough, but we can control that.” She says that she is Ranvir’s widow now. He says he lost my Naira.

She says, “Why did I come here, it would be better to die, Ranvir’s promise is broken, please focus on your family, I will see what I can do.” He says Sirat… She says No, I’m being held captive in another lie here, it’s hard to stay as your wife, but you will never be hurt by your family. He says it’s a matter of time, once this fake case is removed, you will become a boxing champion, then things will be fine, but you have to fulfill Amma’s dream also. She says I can fulfill it staying alone, so why did you get me here as your wife? He says to keep promise to Ranvir and Amma. Once you win nationals and get rid of all the blames, you can go, but until then, keep this lie. Kairav comes in and says that Dadi told him, you got married to Sirat. Kartik Looks At Him.

Manish claims that he has kept such a big thing from me. He cries. Suwarna suggests that he may have a big reason for this. Akhilesh Said He Would Shut Up People’s Mouths, Who Will Explain This? This will Defame Us Even More. Gayu says we can’t change this, why don’t we? Surekha asks if she will accept her as Bahu. We will plan their reception and keep their Mu Dikhai. We will also include her in Teej. She is Kartik’s wife, she will keep the fast for him. Dadi Cries. Kairav asks if you really married Sirat. Kartik Says Yes. Kairav Hugs Sirat and Says Thank You, It Will Be Your Best Surprise. He gives his hand to Kartik. He says We are one family now, we won’t be alone now, I missed you Sirat. Sirat says that he also missed you all. Kartik Says Kairav, Much Changed. Kairav asks her not to change.

Dadi Cries and Says, If Kartik’s Fate had This Written, Why didn’t their marriage happen before, Why did you get Ranvir in between And troubled us, I don’t know if this relationship is right or wrong, Kartik Won’t Be Alone. Sirat Hears Her. She recalls Ranvir and runs out of the house. She stops at the door. Kartik plays with Akshu. Sirat comes to them. She says that I was running away, but I stopped at the door, and couldn’t go. He says, “It’s fine, get up and go, you can sleep on the sofa.” He shuts the door. She Lays On The Sofa. He gives her a blanket. Someone knocks at the door. Kairav arrives. He says he will be sleeping with you today. Kartik says you are grown up, we keep AC off for Akshu, so you can’t sleep well here. Kairav says I must hug Sirat and sleep. Sirat Says Fine, We Will Sleep In Your Room, Kartik And Akshu Will Sleep Here. Kairav says no, but I promise my family that I will not change. Sirat Nods. Kartik says it’s fine, but keep this promise in mind. Kairav asks them to sleep on the bed sides. He will also sleep in the middle. They sit on the bed. Kairav talks to them. Sirat Smiles. Yeh Rishta Kya….Plays…. Kairav Smiles. Kartik And Sirat Turn Away.

Dadi Keeps Food Ready For Her Bahus. Suwarna Asks Her Not To Do Any Work. Gayu comes and says Happy Teej, but I don’t keep the fast, but you keep the fast, right? I don’t care about the divorce, I’m lucky to stay in Sasural after Divorce. Surekha says Samarth did the limit, he didn’t come back once. Gayu asks for Sirat.

Kartik recalls Manish’s words. Sirat Coughs. Kartik Takes Water For Her. The Glass is Broken. He says sorry. She says, “Stay Saying Sorry If It Does Anything” and then she goes. She goes. He Says Your Anger Is Justified. Dadi says that Sirat and Kartik are now husband and wife, but she is also our Bahu. Manish says that we don’t need to respect such a relationship, and that it is not necessary for us to tolerate it. We should all keep the fast, but we shouldn’t care about Sirat. Kartik didn’t care for us, so he didn’t take our advice. Sirat says Gayu’s love didn’t change for me, she still kept clothes for me. Kairav wakes up and greets everyone. He Hugs Sirat. He says it’s a happy morning, our entire family got complete, will we play games today or go on picnic? Kartik says we will go to school first, it’s week day, play with Sirat when you come back. Kairav says she forgot, but will always be with us now.

Kartik says you would be hungry, but I will get the food. Sirat Says I M Not Hungry. He says don’t lie. She says that truth is when you speak the truth and then expect others to do the same. He says you have to give me time, and that food is essential for strength. She Says We Have To Hear Taunts, Surekha Doesn’t Like Me, Manish And Akhilesh Hate Me, Suwarna Is Troubled, Dadi And Gayu Are In Shock. He says he will hear their taunts but he can’t see you upset. He holds his collar and asks her what she would do if she was in my place.