Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Sirat says sorry. Kartik says that your sorry won’t help. Come out and face the world. They can’t denigrate us more, we will give them an answer. It’s up to you, what do you want, whether you want to bring the truth out or prove them wrong by staying silent. He explains. He says, “Think for me and my family. You can do this for us.” He shows his uncle’s phone and sets a timer. He says, “I’m going back tomorrow at 5pm. Your decision will be connected to everyone, all the best.” He goes. Sirat Remembers His Family. Kairav says Sirat is Coming with You. Kartik Says I M Not Sure, You Focus On Your Studies. Kairav says I love you, miss you. Kartik Says Miss You Too. He ends the call and says, “I have left everything on Krishna Ji now.”

Sirat says that maybe we will never meet again, it is morning. Inspector calls her and asks if she will take the complaint back to Vishwa. Sirat Says No. Inspector Says: Then come and file a FIR. We will take action on him. Kartik checks Aunty’s fever. Aunty asks if you will stay back if I am not well. Uncle asks Raj how did you decide to leave Simran here and go. Kartik says Raj doesn’t want to leave Simran alone, but I can’t force her. Uncle Says He Will Hold Her Hand and Give Her Rights. Kartik says no, she left the decision on her, maybe she also realized where her happiness lies. He shows Sirat the Boxing Keychain. He says that a person doesn’t change by changing places, but you can’t kill your dreams. He goes. Uncle says Raj was serious.

Aunty says he has a strange story, we will bid him bye. Vishwa stops Sirat on the Way. He asks if you have taken the complaint back. She says she is not afraid of you and will send you to jail. He claims you committed this crime and ran away, which is shocking. I was also shocked when you punched me. He Leaves. She recalls Kartik’s words. She goes. She Listens to a Radio Show. The RJ asks the people to make the decision that can win. Surekha says that there are only 100 guests. Akhilesh says it’s too much She says it’s the launch of the Bridal Collection. Manish says We Will Hold A Larger Party When Kartik comes. Suwarna says we kept this for Teej. Gayu says this event will be good. Surekha says that if Sirat comes with Kartik, then we may lose our name again. Sirat Sees the Time. She says she can take the complaint back, Vishwa will trouble me more, shall I go with Kartik? Vishwa comes and asks him what he thought. He is astonished. He says, “See what I do with you.” Aunty asks Kartik to come again to meet them. Kartik Says Yes, Of Course. Uncle gets a call. They go out to see.

Sirat Punches Vishwa And Scolds Him. Aunty says Simran. Sirat Stops. Vishwa says Simran was acting decently, but this girl is a liar and she is accused of killing her husband. They are shocked. Vishwa says the truth, her name is Sirat and she is Rajasthan’s boxing champion, Sirat Shekhawat. Uncle Wants to Know If He Is Telling The Truth. Sirat Cries. Kartik says yes, it is true, but half of her is a boxing champion. Vishwa claims that she killed her husband because of this guy. Kartik Scolds Him And Asks Him To Leave. He asks the people to return home.

Sirat is asked by him to tell his aunt and uncle everything. Sirat Says Sorry. He says that my name is Kartik. I came here to find Sirat. Aunty smiles and huggs sirat. Uncle says that you will always be our daughter, sirat or simran. Kartik says you may leave boxing but boxing won’t leave you, it’s not possible to run away from the truth. Will you try to make your name shine again? Sirat says that he has decided to become a boxer again, thanks Kartik. But, I will do this on my own, when the right time comes. He asks her to come with him. She says she doesn’t want to bother anyone. He says that we can’t do anything alone, but they can shut them up, and he will explain my family. She says that you told me that every fight shouldn’t be fought, so it will be better if I don’t come with you. I will handle this alone, Raj and Simran won’t be together. He asks if this is your last decision. He gives her the keychain. He says All the Best, Fulfill Amma’s Dream, Bye. She says bye. He says it will be our last good-bye.