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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Ahana requests Sania to assist her and ensure Rudra doesn’t see her at Thakur house. Sania agrees to help Rudra and tells her Rudra will be at work soon. She will also message her. Ahana says she will wait for her message. Mishka questions if Sania can be trusted. Ahana said that they have no choice. Mishka questions what they will do until then. Ahana replies, “Wait.” Anvi and Krishna play at Thakur house. Preesha questions Krishna about what she would like to eat. Krishna says chocochip cookies. Preesha recalls Saransh’s love for her chocolate chip cookies. Preesha thinks it is coincidence but she feels a connection with Krishna when she held her finger. Rudra drags Sania into the room and locks the door. Sania wants to know what Rudra is trying to tell her. Rudra informs Sania that Arman and Preesha have not married yet and that he can return Preesha to his life. She wants to know more about their marriage. He said it was fake because Krishnawas bribed pandit. She then asks about Saransh. He tells her that Saransh will be brought to him. She asks Ahana to fool Ahana and get Saransh’s information. Ahana informs Preesha that Arman and Preesha are getting married in three days. So she must do something before then. After Rudra leaves, she texts Ahana and asks her to meet her at their regular place.

Preesha offers Krishna milk and cookies. Krishna asks Preesha. Krishna replies that these are the best cookies in the world. Preesha gets emotional. Krishna spills milk on Preesha’s dress as she is drinking it. Preesha promises to change her dress, and she tries to take it off. Krishna pushes Preesha away, and tells her that mamma said not to change dresses in front of strangers. Preesha asks her if she would like to change by herself and then goes outside. Ahana walks outside Thakur’s house and calls Preesha. After changing, Krishna emerges from the room. Preesha leads her to the gate after she falls. She becomes anxious. Preesha is worried when she runs. Ahana warns Preesha not to approach Krishna and takes Preesha away. Preesha is suspicious of her strange behavior.

Sania meets Arman, and he says that their plan is failing. He questions her about what she means. He says, “Why bother?” She replies that he’s marrying Preesha. He questions how she knows. She says that even Rudra knows Preesha isn’t married to Arman, and will therefore try to get her back in Arman’s life. He inquires about who told him. She recalls their meeting. He agreed to marry Preesha and she will marry Rudra. Arman worries about Preesha’s visit to Rudra. She believes he will keep her safe and make her happy forever. Sania calls him, insisting to meet her. He finally meets her and confesses that he loves Preesha. He claims he fell in love with her. He claims he loves Preesha madly, but Preesha still loves Rudra, her ex-husband. Rudra is not able to see Preesha being mistreated by Rudra. She inquires if Rudra Khurana and Ahana Khurana have any connection. Ahana is Rudra’s bhabhi, he says. She believes she is doing Ahana’s job and blackmails him. He then asks her if she wants Rudra to be killed. He questions her if she is mad. He just wants Preesha away from Rudra. He asks her what he will give back. He said he could even give her his London home. He says he would be happy to give her such a luxurious property. He said he wants to live with Preesha. She claims she will marry Rudra and knows exactly what to do. They make a deal. She claims that she promised Rudra she would marry her and then lied to him, saying she had a mission to kill Arman. He claims Rudra is on his side now. She claims that Rudra believes she wants to go back to Arman, and is determined to get Preesha in his life. Their love is deep and inseparable. She recalls the party where Preesha took Rudra to the bathroom and tried to lure him. Arman sees this and calls Sania to help. Sania asks Arman if he would be interested in meeting her. He asked her to stop talking trash and called her to inform her that Preesha had taken Rudra to the bathroom. She should come to this room and separate them. She promises to bring Rudra home prepared food. Rudra is not informed that he called her. She claims she did her job.


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