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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Ahana informs Sania she doesn’t care whether Rudra stays with Sania, or leaves her. She supported Sania because Sania had her secret. However, she never agreed to return Saransh back to Rudra. It was not part of the deal. Sania believes then she must bend her finger. She silently walks away thinking that Ahana won’t sacrifice Saransh because he is her blank check, so she has to do something. Ahana believes that Sania isn’t as simple as she presents herself to be.

Arman and Preesha take Vasu and GPS home. Chachaji were surprised to see Vasu and GPS. Arman claims that amma, appa, and samadhi will be with them. Preesha said that they will be there for a few more days. Chachaji says she doesn’t need to worry, as the house is theirs and they have come here to make arrangements for their wedding. GPS asks Chachaji who is getting married to Arman. GPS wants to know what Rudra is like. Vasu claims he is responsible to all their problems. GPS believes Preesha is guilty of wrongdoing because Rudra is innocent. Sharda meets him and he informs Sharda that Preesha is married to Arman. Sharda questions if they are already married. GPS showed them that they weren’t married, and were acting only as a couple. Rudra listens to their conversation and is happy to say that Preesha is her only. GPS informs her that Preesha believes he caused all the drama and hurt her family. She hates him now, and so she marries Arman. Rudra says that Preesha would have brought Preesha home if he had known. Rudra then explains that she thought she wanted to tell him about their anniversary but he made a mistake. Sharda claims Preesha kept Anvi’s truth secret because she didn’t want her child to suffer. GPS states that if Preesha knew about Saransh she would have confronted Ahana directly and put Saransh at risk. Rudra continues his emotional speech. Preesha will marry in three days according to GPS, so Rudra must do something before then.

Before leaving to shop, Ahana and Mishha give instructions to Nanny that Krishna be taken to school. Preesha, Rudra and Rudra weep at the memory of recent events. The background music plays a sad song. GPS comes in and comforts Preesha, asking her to reconsider her decision because she doesn’t love Arman. Preesha states that she can’t forget what Rudra did and how he left her for Sania. GPS is unable to convince Preesha and believes Rudra cannot be helped much. Preesha is informed by Nanny that she will pick Anvi up from tuition. Preesha agrees and she goes to pick Anvi. She sees Krishna alone crying. She recognizes Krishna as Ahana’s daughter and asks if Ahana hasn’t come to pick them up. Krishna tells Preesha that Nanny picks Krishna up and gives her her number. Preesha calls Nanny and asks her why she didn’t pick Krishna earlier. Nanny tells Preesha that her car stopped mid-way. Preesha promises to take Krishna home, and will ask Ahana to tell Ahana that Krishna was her friend. Nanny accepts. Preesha feels a connection to Krishna as he holds Preesha’s hand. The background music plays Tere Mera Rishta Purana Hai. Preesha is taken to the airport by Anvi and Krishna.

Nanny calls Ahana to inform her that her car has broken down, and Preesha Thakur, her friend, took Krishna. Ahana panics, and she scolds Preesha Thakur for sending Krishna along with her. Mishka is told by her that Thakur house lies near Khurana House and Rudra will catch them. Sania should help her. Sania calls her and informs her of the situation. Sania says that Thakur house is close to Khurana’s house so she doesn’t know how she will get Krishna back. Ahana requests her to take Krishna out of Thakur House.


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