Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Vasu tells Rudra that she will cut all ties with Rudra’s family. She curses him and says that he will only bear sorrows from now on. Preesha won’t even show her face. Preesha is also told by her that Sania is a good candidate for Rudra. Preesha is dragged from there by her. Sania praises Rudra, and claims he will give Saransh’s clues in the morning. Sharda states that she must talk to Rudra. Sania walks away. Arman worries about Preesha at Thakur Mansion. Preesha, Vasu and Vasu walk in and run to Preesha’s room. Arman is worried and asks what has happened. Vasu tells her to speak first with Preesha. Arman informs Chachaji Rudra must have done some wrong again. Sharda questions Rudra about why he told Preesha that Rudra had defamed her father. Rudra says he doesn’t love Preesha. He lies to her, his eyes revealing that he truly loves Preesha.

Preesha weeps as she remembers Rudra’s acceptance of her infidelity and how he killed her father to get rid of her. Vasu claims he wants her to die and reminds Rudra of all his wrongdoings. Preesha says that Arman loves her and deserves her love. She should tell Arman she loves him and want to marry him. Preesha claims she knows what to do. Sharda says to Rudra that Preesha cannot hurt him and that he should tell the truth. Rudra is nervously confident that he has told the truth. Sharda threatens to see her dead face if she doesn’t tell the truth. He asks her not to answer and then admits that Sania is trying to blackmail her.

Arman was worried about Preesha and told Chachaji that he couldn’t see her pain. Preesha walks up to Arman, and she tells him that they should make their drama as husband and wife real. Will he marry her? He is amazed and asks her if she is certain. She tells him she can’t live in lies any more and that she wants to be Anvi’s mother. He hugs her happily. He hugs her with his heart. He doesn’t hug her back, but she closes her fists and does not hug her. Rudra tells Sharda Saransh has died. Sharda is happy to hear this. Rudra tells Sharda that Saransh is with Ahan, and Sania supports Ahana. If Rudra had told Preesha, Ahana would have confronted Saransh directly. Saransh would have been harmed by Ahana, so he hides the truth from Preesha until he finds Saransh. Sharda embraces him and says that he has suffered so much alone. She hopes they find Saransh soon. Chachaji is thrilled to hear Preesha’s decision. He says that they will always be happy. Preesha believes she could have tolerated Rudra’s hurting of her but not her parents. Chachaji congratulates Vasu, and gives sweets to everyone. Vasu tells Chachaji that she will now go and notify GPS of the good news. Preesha promises she will be there with her. Chachaji claims he will meet pandit to fix the wedding muhurat.

Rudra demands that Sania give Saransh’s hint now. Sania gives him pen drive. Rudra watches Saransh’s video and pleads with Rudra to save him. He cries out that he will rescue him, but no one is informing him where he is. Sania said she felt sorry for Saransh. He twists her arm, and threatens to give Saransh his location. She claims she doesn’t know because only Ahana knows. He wants to know more from Ahana. She inquires about her. He tells her she must get out because she is a waste of his time. If Saransh cannot locate her, he will send her to prison by filing Saransh’s kidnap charge against her. She is afraid and decides to talk to Ahana.

People throw away GPS’s stuff. GPS pleads with society not to throw out his stuff. Preesha and Vasu. The society secretary shouts that a womanizer cannot remain in their society. Arman confronts him, and threatens to take legal action. Secretary claims he has been issued committee orders and challenges Arman. Arman brings Vasu and GPS to the house.