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Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode starts with Saaransh reveals that he has completely forgotten everything. Rudraksh and Preesha are referred to as “father” and “mother” by him. They become emotional at hearing him and embrace him ( Title song plays in the background ). They make him a commitment that they will not allow him to leave them. He informs them that Ahana is quite ill and that it was she who used to administer medications to him. Preesha requests that he refrain from thinking about it. Rudraksh informs him that they have arrived at his location. Saaransh embraces him and begs him not to leave him alone in the future.

Anvi apologises to Preesha and explains that she accidentally touched Saaransh, causing him to fall down the steps. Saaransh agrees with her and explains that he fell as a result of the slick floor underneath him. Preesha informs the children that she is pleased that they are not fighting with one another and she hugs them, telling them that they are all equal in her eyes. Sharda informs her that the Khurana mansion is ready and waiting for her. Preesha participates in the ‘bidaai’ ceremony. Sania informs Armaan that everything has come to an end and requests that he move on. He, on the other hand, refuses to listen, claiming that he will destroy Preesha and Rudraksh’s first night together.


Preesha later makes her way into the Khurana estate. Rudraksh and Preesha are informed by Sharda that she is placing the ring in the milk bowl and that they are responsible for finding the ring. Rudraksh receives a standing ovation from Gopal. Preesha gets a standing ovation from Sharda and Vasudha. Preesha is the first to find the ring in the first round. Rudraksh is successful in obtaining the ring in the second round. Then, in the third round, Preesha discovers the ring. Rudraksh informs them that because he is holding Preesha’s hand, he is also the winner. He admits that he allowed Preesha to win, and the two of them get into an argument with each other. Seeing this, other people smile.


Armaan infiltrates the Khurana home and makes his way into Rudraksh’s room. He spreads itching powder on the bed and positions the camera there before continuing his journey. Sharda inquires as to what he is doing in that location. He informs her that he has arrived to take up Anvi. She informs him that she was not aware of his entry into the residence. He explains that she was preoccupied with rituals at the time and hence didn’t notice him.


Rudraksh and Preesha are invited to share a ‘barfi’ treat with Sharda. Preesha has triumphed once more. When Armaan notices this, he becomes enraged and drags Anvi away from the scene. He believes that he is performing these heinous acts in order to prevent Rudraksh from obtaining Preesha. Rudraksh informs those around him that he is exhausted and that he and Preesha should rest.


The instant Preesha enters Rudraksh’s chamber, she recalls the times she spent with Rudraksh in the past. He informs her that he has been looking forward to this moment for a long time. He encourages her not to say anything and to simply enjoy the feeling of being with him. He kisses her after taking her jewellery off. He takes her up and forces her to lie down on the bed before attempting to kiss her. She informs him that she has itching on her arm. He instructs her not to make any excuses for not showing up. He also feels the back of his neck and investigates the bed, where he discovers some powder. Meanwhile, Armaan looks around from his chamber and resolves that the first night will not happen again today. Rudraksh walks Preesha to the bathroom and informs her that no one would be able to stop them on their first night together.



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