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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Armaan removes Rudraksh from there and tells him that they need to get ready for the bachelor’s celebration. Sania afterwards praises Vasudha and Sharda. Preesha compliments them as well. Others record Vasudha and Sharda dancing together. Sania then takes a photo of them and sends it to Gopal. Meanwhile, Armaan informs the boys that they can drink as much as they want today because no one will limit them. Gopal notices Vasudha’s photograph. Sharda, according to Digvijay, is quite attractive. Rudraksh inquires as to what the latter said. Digvijay tells him that everyone is attractive.

Because today is Rudraksh’s last night of freedom, Armaan requests that he drink today. Bunty informs Rudraksh that he would be Preesha’s slave starting tomorrow. Rudraksh informs him that he want to serve Preesha as a slave. Girls, on the other hand, had a good time during their party. Preesha is getting ready to see Anvi. Sania interrupts her, telling her that she directed Nanny to put Anvi to sleep and that she should enjoy the celebration. They begin a game of truth or dare. Sania inquires about Vasudha’s first kiss. It wasn’t with her husband, Vasudha says. Sania captures the moment and sends it to Armaan. Armaan shows Gopal the video.


Gopal dials Vasudha’s number and inquires about her first kiss. She clarifies that he was her boyfriend at the time, which is why she spoke in such a manner. After hearing her, he feels relieved. Sania inquires as to whether or not their male dancer has arrived. He overhears her and inquires of Vasudha as to what is going on. She assures him that she, too, is unaware of the situation and hangs up. Sania is told by Preesha that it is unnecessary. Sania informs her that they are unable to cancel the dancer at this time.


Gopal tells the boys about the male dancer. Rudraksh promises them he’ll be back in 5 minutes and then departs. He notices the dancer and realises it was Sania who had summoned him. He tells him that the event has been cancelled and pays him his fees. He requests one favour from him. Sania awaits the arrival of the dancer. She is ready to call him, but she suddenly loses sight of him. She informs others that they can now relax and enjoy themselves. They were taken aback when they saw Rudraksh performing like a dancer. Rudraksh leads Preesha away from the dance floor and declares that they will not be able to find a finer male dancer than him.


Preesha hugs him as he takes off his jacket, stressing that no one can see him like this. She tells him that he’s had enough of the drama and urges him to continue. Sharda and Vasudha chastise him and send him on his way. Sharda advises the others to finish the party because everyone must be exhausted.


Rudraksh enters the gathering and consumes copious amounts of alcohol. Armaan enters the room with Rudraksh and smriks. Rudraksh makes Preesha wear the nuptial chain the next day and they discuss their first night, which turns out to be Preesha’s dream. She assures herself that in a Punjabi marriage, she is going to surprise Rudraksh.



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