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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Vasudha begins the episode by explaining the ‘Kashi Yatra’ ceremony to Rudraksh. And they go through the motions of the ritual. Rudraksh and Preesha then make their way to the marriage mandap. The wedding garlands are exchanged by Preesha and Rudraksh ( Title song plays in the background ). Everyone applauds them. Sania inquires of Armaan as to what he intends to do now that the wedding ceremonies have begun, and why he has not informed her of his plans. The nuptial chain is visible to Armaan.

Digvijay inquires of Armaan as to why the latter remains silent. Sania asks Armaan if this marriage may take place without a nupital chain. With a shake of her head, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation. He discusses the disappearance of the nuptial chain. She comprehends his strategy, applauds the concept, and inquires as to how it will be implemented. Armaan is told by Digvijay that stealing the nuptial chain will be difficult.


Armaan reveals that his trump card would be used. Sania recognises that he is referring to Anvi. He informs her that all they have to do now is make Anvi and Saaransh quarrel. She assures him that she will assist him in carrying out his plan. She takes Anvi to give her food, claiming that she is starving. She takes off Saaransh’s dhoti while walking. Saaransh misinterprets Anvi’s actions and accuses her, attempting to ruin her outfit. She tells him she didn’t do anything. He refuses to trust her when she claims to be lying. She requests that he leave her alone. The fight is visible to all.


Preesha walks to Kids after Vasudha requests her not to leave the marriage mandap. Gopal, Vasudha, and Sharda try to break up the conflict amongst the kids. Armaan takes advantage of the opportunity to steal the nuptial chain. After that, he goes to Kids to defend Anvi. He requests that the children shake hands and refrain from fighting. Gopal assists Saaransh in retying his dhoti. Armaan takes Anvi aside and tells her that she did nothing wrong and that she should not cry. He gives her some water. Without her knowing, he places the nuptial chain in her ‘kalash.’


The ‘gadhbandhan’ is performed by Saaransh. Preesha and Rudraksh are asked to stand for ‘pheres’ by the priest. The ‘pheres’ are completed by Preesha and Rudraksh. The priest inquires about the nuptial chain. Vasudha notices that the nuptial chain is missing and informs the others about it. Sharda informs her that it had to be here and instructs her to thoroughly search it. Vasudha looked for it but couldn’t find it. Digvijay inquires as to what is going on because they have been encountering difficulties since the outset. Armaan requests that he refrain from speaking in such a manner.


Digvijay informs him that marriage is no longer possible without the nupital chain. Armaan assures him that it must be just here, and he requests that everyone hunt for it. Saaransh informs them that Anvi must have hidden it in order to cause difficulty for others. She tells him she didn’t go into hiding. She drops the ‘kalash’ after he pushes her. They have discovered the nuptial chain. Anvi is defended by Preesha. Anvi is chastised by Armaan for taking the nuptial chain. Preesha requests that he refrain from scolding Anvi. Armaan threatens Anvi with punishment. He is pushed by Anvi.



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