Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Security guard inspects Vasu’s GPS and Vasu’s bag. He says that they purchased 4 clothes, but instead have 5 clothes. Vasu claims it isn’t theirs and that he can return it. Sania claims it was stolen in old age and shoplifting. Vasu tells her to keep her mouth shut and informs guard that there was a misunderstanding and that he can return extra cloth. Guard tells him to stick to protocol and takes the cloth to the store manager. Sania believes that Vasu should not insult her now. Arman and Preesha take Anvi to her friend’s birthday party. Anvi asks Preesha if she can take her friend’s birthday present. Preesha takes the gift out of her car but forgets her phone. Vasu calls Preesha to ask for help. He gets upset when Preesha doesn’t answer the call. The store manager asks them if they have ever shoplifted. GPS claims there was a misunderstanding and will pay for extra cloth. Vasu claims they don’t require it. According to the store policy, the manager will refer their case and call inspector. Rudra is shocked to see police arrive and wonders why. Vasu and GPS are arrested by police. Sania believes it is her righteous reply to the old couple and teaches Preesha lessons. While they plead, police take Vasu and GPS to the jeep. Rudra cannot see them because of mob. Sania climbs into her car. Rudra questions why police came. Sania claims that even police have personal lives and takes Rudra from there. GPS informs the inspector that he can’t arrest him like this because he is a former judge who has had extra cloth added to his bag. Inspector declares shoplifting a crime and takes them all to the police station.

Preesha, who was at the party, picks up her mobile phone from her car and sees Vasu’s numerous calls. Inspector calls and informs Preesha that her mother has been arrested for shoplifting. Arman is informed by Preesha, and they proceed to the police station. A tongue lash inspector was assigned to arrest Vasu and GPS. They did not even check a CCTV footage. The inspector says that CCTV footage is being prepared. Preesha promises to bring it. Constable has footage. They all look at it and are shocked when Sania puts a shirt inside Vasu’s bag. Preesha claims that Sania Dubash took revenge on her mother for not allowing her to slap a store manager. Inspector apologizes and promises to take care of Sania. Preesha requests him to act immediately. She will file a complaint if necessary and then take him to Sania. Inspector agrees to accompany her.

Rudra spots Sania in the kitchen and asks her what she is doing. He can ask her to make pasta for him, but she says that she is making pasta for him because his mother hasn’t yet performed her kitchen ritual. He assumes that she will be in the kitchen for about 40 minutes. Therefore, he can go to her room and check her bag to find out more information about Saransh or Ahana. He enters her room, checks her bag, and then he sees Ahana transfer 50 lakhs to her account. Sania comes in and tells him that she won’t reveal Saranshs location until her work has been completed. He questions her about what she is doing wrong and says he urgently needs Saransh’s location. Sharda continues their argument and calls him. He walks down to Preesha and other people and asks them what they are doing. Preesha calls him and questions his wife. He asks Sania why she would trap her mother for not allowing her to slap a store manager. Sania insists that elders must know their limits. She shouts at her, saying she cannot question her. Rudra questions what’s going on. Preesha says that Sania accidentally dropped her unbilled shirt into Vasu’s bag. Police arrested them after looking at CCTV footage. Sania claims she was playing a prank, and that Vasu didn’t check her bag before leaving. Preesha claims she confessed her sin and asks the inspector to arrest Sania. While Sania pleads for her release, the constable drags her away and hug Rudra. He says that if she leaves, she will not return.