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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Rudraksh informs Preesha that he went to audition for her since he had stopped singing after she left him, but now that he has her and Saaransh, he wants to sing again. He tries to kiss her after she asks him to get ready. However, Armaan enters the room, apologises, and informs them that everyone is waiting for them. He tells Rudraksh to get ready and then picks up Preesha. Armaan praises Preesha for coming into his life after some time has passed, and he considers himself fortunate that she did.

Rudraksh informs him that he wishes to speak and takes the microphone away from him. He tells Preesha that she is his life and leads her to the stage, where she is asked to say “I love you,” which she does. Everyone except Thakur claps for them. He announces that Gopal and Vasudha are going to dance now. Gopal refuses, claiming that he is untrained in dance. But everyone tries to persuade him. Vasudha and Gopal perform a dance to the tune of “1 2 3 4.” “Get on the dance floor” is a song that encourages people to get up and dance.

Rudraksh exits the building and greets Bunty, thanking him. Bunty inquires as to what the issue is. Rudraksh informs him of the phoney audition call, and he wishes to trace down that number. He asks him to enlist the assistance of the latter’s acquaintance in tracking down that number. Bunty inquires as to whether he suspects anyone.

Rudraksh assumes Armaan’s name and says he wants to double-check everything. Bunty tells him to enjoy the sangeet and that he would call him once he has tracked down the phone number. Rudraksh gives him a nod and walks inside. The dance performance by Gopal and Vasudha has ended.

Preesha is seen playing with Saaransh by Anvi. Preesha spots Anvi and invites her to join them, but she declines. Armaan inquires as to why Anvi is upset with Preesha. She gives him a nod. Sania advises Anvi not to speak to Preesha because she should be aware of her error.

Preesha is perplexed as to why Anvi is not conversing with her. Rudraksh inquires as to what transpired. She informs him that Anvi has been acting strangely. He informs her that Anvi must be furious with her because she pushed Saaransh. He requests that she go and persuade Anvi. She walks closer Anvi and informs him that he is correct.

Armaan instructs Anvi to take action in order to determine whether Preesha loves her or not. Anvi approaches Preesha and collapses. She begins to cry. Preesha informs her that there is no harm and inquires as to whether she is lying. Anvi informs her that she simply adores Saaransh and then flees.

Preesha tries to pursue her but is stopped by Armaan. He tells her that seeing her with Saaransh must make Anvi envious. He walks to Anvi and tells her to enjoy the sangeet. Sania is just behind him. On Saaransh’s favourite song, Preesha and Rudraksh dance. Saaransh approaches the stage.



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