Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Sania makes Preesha feel ashamed for going back to Rudra’s home after she was warned by Rudra. She then asks her why she is so shameless. Sharda claims Preesha will always be her bahu. Preesha is warned by Sania to get out of here quickly. She walks along thinking that she will complete any further tasks until Preesha arrives. Chachaji questions Arman at his house about Preesha. Arman replies that she is not in her bedroom. Sania walks in. Arman angrily questions her about what she is doing. He calls her patidev/husband, and she says that they are now neighbors. He inquires about the drama surrounding Rudra’s marriage. He can be double-standard, but not her. He questions why Rudra said she and him were together for 6 months. She said yes, then learned about Rudra and Preesha’s love triangle. He taunts Rudra as a man Arman cannot become and why all girls follow him. Arman shouts for her to stop. She shouts back, daring not to shout at her because she is Mrs. Rudraksh Khaurana now. He shouts that he will not ruin Preesha’s life like he did when he dumped her and Anvi. She claims he behaved as if he loved her and then she married Preesha. He claims she was attracted to him but didn’t love her. She is now married to Rudra. She says that he has forgotten that she can leave him and do what she wants, but that he cannot marry Preesha. Chachaji fumes after she leaves that he believed this woman had left his life. But she has returned and can do everything.

Preesha is back home, and Sania asks her what she’s doing at her house. Sania asks her if she’s showing her attitude. Preesha wants to take revenge. Sania claims she came to complain about her husband and FIL for not sending shameless Preesha over to her home. Rudra is now married to Sania and Preesha can’t come near Rudra. Preesha advises her to stop being childish because Rudra loves only Sania and knows that he married her under pressure. She will discover the reason. Sania questions why she doesn’t accept Rudra’s marriage proposal. Rudra is modern and doesn’t like behanji types like her. Preesha said she felt sorry for her. People like Rudra create fake identities and are hollow from the inside. Rudra loves people, not their looks. Sania is standing on an Ice Block and she will slip. She should wait until that day. Preesha believes Sania is right. She will be happy to see Rudra’s pride fall flat.

Rudra returns home. Sharda demands that he tell Sania if he is really his wife. Rudra claims he has been with Sania for 6 months and that he loves her. He also says that he married her. Preesha said she had come to meet him, even after what he did. She cannot believe Rudra could dump her. He claims he is in love with Sania and has married her. She does not inform her. He said it was his life and his wish. He claims he is her son. She cannot lie to Preesha or him. Sania comes in and asks her if she would like to know the truth. Truth is, Rudra loved Preesha and forced him to marry her. What kind of mother is she? She isn’t happy with her son’s happiness, and she’s supporting Preesha’s spouse and calling her a bahu. Rudra is told by her that she will continue to do this and would like to live with him somewhere else. Rudra criticizes Sharda for hurting Sania. He walks off with Sania, saying that they can still spend some time together. Sharda claims she doesn’t care about her son but prays for his protection.

Chachaji questions Arman about whether he told truth to Preesha. Arman claims he could not because of the unwelcome events that occurred recently but he will now. Preesha claims she doesn’t need to tell as she knows everything. She met Sania outside, who told her that she met Arman and asked him to not let her near Rudra. He replied that there must be a reason he married Sania. So she went to Rudra to discover the truth. Arman questions Preesha about why she went there despite her insult. She claims Rudra is in trouble, and she is hiding something. Rudra is said to have dumped her. Even then, she’s mad at him. She claims she loves him. He claims he isn’t, as he married Sania while he was supposed to be with Preesha. Preesha is growing closer to him. Preesha loves him even though she said she didn’t love him. She is running madly behind Rudra, even though she tortured her mentally. He thinks she is correct, but she knows Rudra does not love her. She will discover the reason.

After entering the room, Rudra pushes Sania aside and declares they are husband-wife only to the outside world. She claims they can have a relationship right now. He shouts that he will not touch her. He asks her if he would like to know more about Saransh. He calms down. He asks her to go shopping with her and he goes to change. He believes she is wicked, and he must find Saransh’s exact location.